Monday, September 19, 2011

Horseback Riding

Baylor has been begging to go back to Rosie's farm and ride Louise. After he broke his arm last fall we quit riding and he has missed it ever since. Cooper has also been wanting to ride and I knew he was now old enough. Since it was so hot this summer, we decided to wait until fall to start back.
Coop has been asking every day if it was the day to go "backhorse" riding. He couldn't wait to go back to Rosie's barn. He went before but only to visit the horses and now it was his time. Both boys had an hour lesson so I thought it would be best for Cooper to go first and Baylor and I could work on homework during his lesson.

He did a great job listening and had so much fun. He got to brush Louise and help "tack" her and then it was time to ride.

He was all smiles. These pictures are not that great because it is dark and super dusty in the barn riding arena. It was pouring down rain all day today so the whole lesson was inside.

He worked on several different things and was so brave.

Here he was working on leaning from side to side. I'm not sure of the technical term:).

Baylor was worried Louise wouldn't be at the barn still and he was so happy that she was who he would be riding again. Since she was all ready he got to ride right away.

He did awesome!

He had her turning and was giving her commands like a pro. He was so happy to be there!

We watched him for a bit and then Cooper lost interest so we walked around outside while it was sprinkling.

The farm is so pretty and peaceful.

Love his boots.

Coop liked this horse because she had an American flag blanket, her name was Glory.

He visited the pony, Copper.

Louise is a good horse.

He walked her back to her stall and it was time for her to eat. He helped take off her saddle and brush her before leaving.

Coop found lots of puddles!

He said it was great!

Both boys loved horseback riding and we will be going back next week.

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