Friday, September 9, 2011

Pet Day

Today was pet day in Baylor's class. He was so excited to bring Hermie to school. There were two cats, 8 dogs, a chicken, and a hermit crab.
Each student got to go up with their parent and pet and tell about their animal and how they take care of it. Baylor loves Lily and her dog Elvis was cute. He's a bassett hound.

Anna is a friend of Baylor's from church and is also in his class this year. She brought her puppy that is eight months old and they rescued him from a shelter.

The kids did a great job of listening to their classmates. It was spitting rain so they sat under the porch.

Baylor did a nice job telling about his pet. He was a little nervous.

Baylor and Maddy.

Baylor and Lily.

Anna and Hermie. Lots of the kids wanted to hold Hermie at the end.

Hermie survived pet day and was glad to be back home. We put him under the kitchen counter lights to warm him up.

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