Friday, September 9, 2011


I am linking up again for InstaFriday. I seriously can't believe another week has flown by! In less than a month I will have a 4 year old and a 7 year old, time is going too quickly.

life rearranged

We've been working on Touchdown for the kickoff of football season. He's also saying Go Colts! It may be a tough year for the Colts though without Manning.

Fantasy Football started last night and I think I did pretty well. Aaron Rodgers is my QB.

The boys want to use straws all the time.
My new apron, it's adorable. My friends Trisha is going to help my bible study group with freezer meals. She dropped off some cookbooks for me to check out and this apron. She knew I didn't have one and said I need one for that much cooking.

I opened this drawer, I wonder who's been in here.

Our recliners are back and we are so happy!

Go Coop!

One of his favorite parts of gymnastics.

Some mornings are crazy, but we always fit in breakfast. My motto in the morning is eat fast.

He couldn't decide which one to bring so he brought Mickey and both babies.

Parker's idea of one more.

Parker wanted out of his stroller but he strapped in Mickey and his baby. How nice of him to think of their safety.

Still in our bed.

Cookies waiting for B.


We hit a great sale at Meijer and Parker had to have this baby. She was $1.50 and he hasn't let her go since. He sleeps with his babies and Mickey every night.

He loves the horse at the grocery and was saying YeeHaw.

Coop is a cute cowboy too.

Maddy came over one morning before school. The boys love having her!

Parker, the ice cream snatcher, stole my waffle cone. He would not give it back, he did have his own dish.


We did use the "charco" grill at the cabin over the weekend. The boys wanted to know all about charcoal, also know as charco by Baylor.

He's a big boy.


Eat.Pray.Mommy. said...

Hi! It's Jessie also visiting from Life Rearranged Instafriday:) Your family is precious! And I love the apron!! I have been dreaming of one for months because I love to bake:)

Happy Friday!!

Jessie (Eat.Pray.Mommy.)

Allison said...

Thanks for visiting yesterday! Love that you are colts fans, we live in Indy and are colts fans too! Sweet family you have :)