Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Our New Pet

We didn't get a dog, but we did get a pet. It's pet week at school and pet day was on Friday. From my days of teaching first grade, I know that the kids love pet day. I always felt bad for the kids who didn't have a pet, so today I went to Petsmart and got a hermit crab. I had it waiting for Baylor when he got home from school.
Baylor said it was the best day ever and it was almost like he got a dog. It made me a little sad because I know he wants a dog so bad, but at the same time I was glad he has a pet.

He went back and forth on names, but opted for Hermie. Hermie is quite active and I'm hoping he stays alive until Friday. Thankfully he came with a 7 day guarantee so we can get a new one if we need to.

We have to keep Hermie away from Parker or he won't have a chance!

Baylor was so excited to show Tom. Hermie even came out to say hi!

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