Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baylor's First Field Trip as a First Grader

Today was Baylor's first field trip. In first grade they go to Tuttle's Orchard and Southeastway Park. Since it was the first Mops meeting I couldn't go today, but Uncle Joe volunteered to be a chaperone and Baylor was so excited!
He had a great day.

His class.

I love these two first graders! I'm so glad they are friends. Jamie took all of these pictures for me, I'm not sure why they are loading small but I'll work on that later.

Silly kids.

Lily, Maddy, and Baylor.

Baylor was glad Brock was in his group.

It was a great day!

Thanks Uncle Joe for going with Baylor, it meant the world to him. Uncle Joe even stayed after the trip to help with an apple math activity in the classroom, what a trooper!

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