Sunday, May 31, 2009

Beach Lovers

We love the beach.
Two little cuties.
Showing off his cheese face.
Mr. blue eyes.

Having fun together.
Look how far I can throw.

Trying to catch the perfect wave.
Getting some air.

Both boys truly love the beach. We all had so much fun playing in the water today. Cooper and I sat by the shore and looked for shells. He likes throwing them back in and watching them splash. Baylor and Daddy took turns riding on the boogie board and had so much fun. After lunch we headed to the pool which was so refreshing. It was hot today and the water was perfect. Tonight we went to Demetrio's with Jenny and Chris and had a great dinner. It was fun to go with them and spend time together. We can't wait for their little guy to arrive. When we got home we went for a walk on the beach and the boys played in the sand. They were both sandy messes but had a great time. It was another wonderful day at Siesta Key!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kitchen Back In Business

What a nice night.

I love these boys!
Our little family.
Waiting to eat dinner.
The kitchen is open for lunch.
What a water baby.
Hanging out in the shade.

This morning Daddy dug a great hole at the beach to set up shop for Baylor's kitchen. The boys had fun playing and made us lots of tasty treats. Baylor and Daddy had fun in the ocean, the waves were huge today. They had fun playing ball and letting the waves crash the ball back and forth. Cooper was quite the daredevil at the pool today and wanted to put his whole head in the water. They both had fun playing in the pool with Daddy. Tonight we went to JoTo a delicious Japanese steak house in the village. Tom loves Japanese and we were excited to go for dinner. Both boys ate great and Cooper kept asking for more rice. The chef was so entertaining and was so nice to Baylor. After dinner we went to the beach for a walk and let the boys play in the sand. It was a great day and we are ready for another fun day tomorrow.

Friday, May 29, 2009

We're Here

Crazy hair.
Checking out the waves.
How nice to be on vacation.
Digging through the sea weed.

After leaving our house at 4:15 am and traveling this morning we arrived in sunny Florida. We were so excited to be here with Daddy. The boys actually stayed awake on the entire flight but did really well. Baylor is quite the traveler and does great flying. Cooper is Mr. Social and interacts with all the people on the plane. There was a little Yorkie in front of us and he kept trying to talk to the dog. When we arrived at our little beach house we unpacked and went to Demetrio's for lunch, yummy. We were all hungry and the boys both finished their entire plates. After lunch we went to the grocery and stocked up. Coop fell asleep on the way home and we all took a long afternoon nap. This evening we went to the beach and the pool. It was so lovely. We are now on our way to get some ice cream. We love vacation!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day with Joe Joe

Joe Joe is one of his favorite words. He is going to miss him so much.
What a great uncle!

We went to lunch with Joe at his favorite restaurant today, Chili's. I think he could eat there everyday. The boys love Joe so much and enjoy being with him. He has a busy summer ahead so we won't see him until the end of August. He is touring in China and then doing a music colony in New York. We may go visit him but I'm not sure if the boys will go. It is so sad to think he will be gone for so long and then move so far away in the fall for grad school. We are all going to miss him and I know it will be hard for the boys. We are so excited for Joe and his future!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lick Fast

Chilling together.
He is an expert at not missing a bite.
What a sticky mess.

We had a busy day running errands and playing outside. It was really warm today and both boys were really sweaty from playing so hard. We had Popsicles for a snack and I kept telling them to lick fast. Baylor did pretty good but Coop dropped his all the down his legs. He had to take a mini bath before nap.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We were very busy at home today getting things ready and in order before vacation. My two helpers helped clean, fold clothes, and start packing. They were really great help. Cooper follows Baylor and tries to do things just like him.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Fun

Future dog walker.
They were both very happy with Emme.
Summer birthday boys.
Pop and his pal.

We love it when Daddy gets to spend extra time at home. Baylor was so excited that Daddy had the day off again today. He loves spending time with his dad. We had a great day as a family and enjoyed our extra time together. Tonight we celebrated Joe and Andy's birthdays at Aunt Von's house. Both boys were so excited to see Emme. Baylor took her on a walk with Sarah and her friend. He did a really great job. Cooper kept saying dog over and over again. We had a fun night and enjoyed our time together. We are sad Daddy has to go to work tomorrow, but vacation is right around the corner and then we will have a whole week with Daddy, hurray!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Before church.
Daddy's little assistant.
Giving Ashley a ride.
Having fun.
Swinging high.

Today was a great day for playing outside and working out in the yard. Once again we had planned on going to the zoo after church, but Baylor wanted to play at home instead. Tom was so sad, just kidding, that he missed the zoo. The boys had so much fun playing with the neighbors and running around the yard. We were able to plant flowers and pick weeds and had help from the boys. Cooper kept wanting to pick the flowers and we had to go over that we need to leave the flowers. He is so funny. It was a fun day!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day with Mom/ Day with Dad

What a wonderful day! Today Daddy took both boys to Mcdonalds for breakfast and I slept in. Cooper slept terrible last night and was up lots of times so I was tired! Then we split up and dad took Baylor and I took Coop. Daddy had Baylor had a great boys day. They played outside, fished, and went on a long four wheeler ride. Cooper and I went to the outlet mall with Mimi and Joe. We found some good deals. Tonight we went to Acapualco Joe's for a tasty dinner, I love to eat there. We still had time to play outside when we got home. We love that it stays light longer and longer. Hurray for summer!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Chickens in Charge

We went to Conner Prairie today for a great class on chickens. It was such a beautiful day to me outside. Baylor got to pet a chicken, check out the chicken coop, and look for fresh eggs. Both boys had fun looking at all the animals on the farm. Back in the class we read a story, made a clucking chicken, and did the chicken dance. It was souch fun. I have some really cute pictures but our Internet at home is not working so I am using my phone and will add pictures for the week when it is working again.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Silly Safaris

Touching the spider.
This is a good spot for me.
What a big snake.
Baylor like Bear the dog.
Cooper wanted to touch all the animals.

We had a special treat for our mops group today. Amazon John from Silly Safari's came for a live animal show. Baylor was so excited and couldn't wait to see all the animals. Amazon John brought a dog, skunk, alligator, snake, owl, rabbit, frog, hedgehog, spider, and cockroaches. The boys wanted to pet them all and were so brave. Cooper had a hard time sitting through the whole show because he wanted to go see the dog. It was a great show and fun for moms and kids. There was a great turn out and it was a nice way to end the mops year. After the show Baylor was talking about what animals he would like for a pet. I am sure we will never have a snake!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Final Soccer Game

Go number 1!

Getting ready for the game.
Cooper was practicing during half time.

Tonight was Baylor's final soccer game of the season. Let's just say it was not our best display of soccer skills. The other team probably scored 20 goals to our 1. It was really warm today and their little faces were bright red. Baylor has enjoyed the season and had fun which is what really matters! Mimi, Joe, Mommy, Cooper, Mammaw, and Pappaw were cheering him on from the sidelines. Cooper had fun playing with a little girl named Sarah. After the game we went to dinner with Joe and then he came over to play outside. We had a great day!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bye Megan

Megan left to go back to Disney today and the boys were sad to see her leave. We had a great time with her over the two past weekends. Luckily we will see her soon when we go to Disney. We are so excited and keep talking about all the fun things we are going to do. Cooper has even been saying Mickey and Goofy.

Monday, May 18, 2009


Baylor has been taking his Mickey cash register with him everywhere lately. He is always looking for bar codes to use the scanner. He has been busy taking items out of our pantry to buy. Cooper is his assistant and thinks it is fun to play along with him. The only problem comes when Cooper rips the play money but we are working on that. Tonight they were playing in our bed and Cooper was scanning Baylor. They are both priceless to me and I love them so.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Joe's College Graduation

The graduate!

Mom and Dad are so proud of Joe.
Our little family.

Graduation was in front of the library. The campus is so beautiful and has changed so much since I graduated, everything is new.

The two new college grads. What exciting times.

Hurray, Joe graduated from Depauw University today. The ceremony was outside and the weather turned out beautiful. The sun was shining and it was a very pretty day. Joe has worked so hard during college and achieved many great things. We are so proud of Joe and are excited for all the future holds for him. It seems like only yesterday that we were at his high school graduation when Baylor was a baby. Oh how the time flies. We love you Joe!