Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cooper's Preschool Open House

He loved the playground.
I know he is going to love preschool.
What a big boy!
We love the teachers. Miss Moody is so nice.
He loved building with the blocks.
He built a big tower.
He sat like a big boy in the church.
We love you Cooper!
It was finally Cooper's turn for school to night. He has been so excited to go to school and has anxiously been awaiting his turn. When Baylor started school Cooper was eager to get to go too. However tonight when it was time for the open house he was crying because he did not want to go and Baylor was crying because he did want to go. Sometimes you just can't win. He quickly got over it and was happy to go in to school. He has been to bubby's old preschool several times so I think he will feel comfortable right away. When we first got there we went to the sanctuary and had a little meeting with Mrs. Steele. Cooper sat like a big boy and held his folder. Afterwards we went to the classroom and the kids could play with some of the toys and look around the room while the parents learned about the school day and routine. After the classroom I took Coop to the playground to check it out and play before heading to Mimi's house for dinner. I am so excited for Cooper and am hoping he has a great year. I know he will love making new friends and learning new things. Cooper we are proud of you and love you so!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Perfect Pool Day

Parker was waving to Mama today.
Somehow one of our rafts disappeared from Mama's house. We brought them there from our old house since we don't have a pool anymore. We had to "share" today which is hard after having your own ship all summer. It was a good lesson for the day.
No pool day would be complete without a cool treat, drumsticks were on hand today.
Baylor was the photographer and he would squirt water out of the noodle to take the picture. Cooper seriously thought it was the funniest thing ever.
He was laughing at his brother too.
They "had" to sit up there to get a better view of the butterflies, after much discussion they finally realized they "had" to get down for saftey sake.
Ringing the bell is always a must at the pool.
They were busy playing and pretending to be the Backyardigans.
He showed off some of his skills.
The boys were happy to eat with Papa.
This morning Cooper, Parker, and I were busy cleaning and doing laundry. Cooper helped fold towels and had his own little pile of folding. We picked up Baylor from kindergarten and then headed to Mama's house to swim. We brought McDonald's for everyone and we all ate outside together. I was a little worried it was going to rain but the overcast skies made for a perfect pool day. It was warm but you could stay outside and feel comfortable. Mama stayed out with us the entire time and watched the boys swim and play. We had another great pool day.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Birthday Party and Uncle Joe is Home!

Chris and Tom shared a chair and Chris was ready to feed him some yummy baby food:).
The birthday girl.
Baylor with two of his favorite people.
Pop and Park.
Ethan was busy getting everything off the fireplace. He is super fast!
Happy Birthday!
The boys had the same thoughts about more pictures.
He loves Sarah.
Being boys.
Sweet sisters.
Uncle Joe brought the boys toy Indians on horses. They were so excited and so happy they were wrapped with a bow.
Cuddling with Uncle Joe.
Coop had fun with Joe Joe.
What a great uncle.
After nap the boys were excited to get ready and head to Mimi's to see Uncle Joe. They have been missing him terrible and could not wait for him to be home. Baylor said if this is his home why is he never here, so sad! Uncle Joe was only home for ten hours but we sure did love having him here. We all got to see him for a little bit and then all headed to Uncle Mike's house for Jenny and Uncle Jeff's birthday party. Uncle Mike made "losagna", green beans, bread, and salad. We also had cake, ice cream, and a yummy cheesecake made by Adam. Ethan is crawling and cruising like crazy and the big boys had so much fun with him. They were all playing on the floor together. Those boys are going to have so much fun together. We had fun celebrating birthdays tonight. Afterwards we can home and got the boys showered and ready for bed and then went back to Mimi's house to spend a little more time with Joe. He had brought the boys home a present and they played with him. We love our Uncle Joe!

Bug Fest

Baylor with his certificate.
The pond is always a favorite.
He had fun watching and finally wanted out!
By this time we were all hot and ready to cool off. Thankfully no one fell in the pond, success!
He tried a chocolate cricket but was not a fan.
I am so thankful for my boys:)
Daddy and Coop worked on their craft together.
All the tarantulas and scorpions were real. They had some huge ones.
They tried honey again at the beekeeper station and still didn't like it.
Taking a little walk.
Baylor liked this dog, I think it was way too big.
Checking out the hissing cockroaches.
Hanging in the shade.

After church we went to breakfast at Cafe 52 and then headed home to change. We went to the Bug Fest at Southeastway Park. We got there early and were able to start right away. The boys signed up and got a sheet to carry around to all the different stations. There were so many activities to do. Some of them were cricket spitting, butterfly house, beekeeper station, tarantulas, spiders, mosquito exhibit, craft corner, water trailer, bug cafe, the pond, and much more. After completing the stations you took your card back and got a certificate that says you received your bug degree. The boys had a great time and enjoyed the park. It was hot by the time we left so we stopped at the orchard for a cool apple cider slush and a tasty caramel apple. It was a great snack before nap.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fast as Cheetahs?

The cheetahs are really beautiful and so graceful.
The track is neat and you can race against a cheetah's time. We may be fast but the cheetah's time smoked the boys:)
Daddy even tried.
Once again he was angel baby!
He loves playing in water.
The zoo has a really nice splash park.
The monkeys were really active which made Coop super happy.
Eli helped me push Parker for a bit, he is so sweet.
So cute.
We loved the giraffes too.
We ran into Miss Becky and Hudson by the zebras. Parker and Hudson are future nursery/Sunday school pals. Hudson was relaxing in his stroller.
The ducks were a big hit.
I missed Nicole, I was really outnumbered by boys.
Parker loved watching the penguins.
The penguins are always one of Baylor's favorites too.
We have been anxious to see the new cheetah exhibit at the Indianapolis Zoo. Last time we went it was just about ready to open and it looked great. We talked Daddy into going, he is not a fan of the zoo, and we all had a great day. Carl and Eli met up with us too since Nicole had to help with a wedding during the day. Baylor and Cooper were excited to have Eli with us! We went through the water exhibit first and then had lunch. I think the boys enjoyed the ducks in the water way more than their lunch:) After lunch we headed to the plains area and had fun looking around. Cooper wanted to spend all day at the monkeys, his personal favorite. The cheetahs were really neat and the exhibit is awesome. The boys loved being able to race on the track and did it several times. Before leaving we went to the splash park to cool off and then got a lemon ice for the ride home. We all had fun at the zoo!