Monday, August 30, 2010

Perfect Pool Day

Parker was waving to Mama today.
Somehow one of our rafts disappeared from Mama's house. We brought them there from our old house since we don't have a pool anymore. We had to "share" today which is hard after having your own ship all summer. It was a good lesson for the day.
No pool day would be complete without a cool treat, drumsticks were on hand today.
Baylor was the photographer and he would squirt water out of the noodle to take the picture. Cooper seriously thought it was the funniest thing ever.
He was laughing at his brother too.
They "had" to sit up there to get a better view of the butterflies, after much discussion they finally realized they "had" to get down for saftey sake.
Ringing the bell is always a must at the pool.
They were busy playing and pretending to be the Backyardigans.
He showed off some of his skills.
The boys were happy to eat with Papa.
This morning Cooper, Parker, and I were busy cleaning and doing laundry. Cooper helped fold towels and had his own little pile of folding. We picked up Baylor from kindergarten and then headed to Mama's house to swim. We brought McDonald's for everyone and we all ate outside together. I was a little worried it was going to rain but the overcast skies made for a perfect pool day. It was warm but you could stay outside and feel comfortable. Mama stayed out with us the entire time and watched the boys swim and play. We had another great pool day.

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