Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Yeehaw Mommy's Home!

Working on their cowboy poses.
You're under arrest.
A brotherly shoot out.
Looking good ranger.
These will go great with jeans and a shirt. What a handsome cowboy!
The howling wolves were a hit.
All his loot.
Real cowboy boots with snake skin:)
Tapping his toes.
Parker and I were so happy to get home and see Daddy, Cooper, and Bubby. When we got home Baylor and Daddy were still at football and Coop had just woken up and was sitting on Pappaw's lap. I was so happy to see my cuddlebug Mr. Cooper. I felt so bad being away from him when he was hurt and couldn't wait to hug and love on him. Baylor was so excited when he got home and couldn't wait to get the suitcase unloaded to look for his presents. I couldn't wait to have them try on their new cowboy boots, they are so cute! They also got a Santa Fe shirt, a stuffed wolf, a horse, and a buffalo. We nicknamed Parker Buffalo Thunder on the trip so the toy was in honor of him. After shower and trying on their boots we headed to Mimi's to get their surprise from her. She got all the boys Junior Cowboy outfits made out of real leather. They have vests and chaps that are so adorable. They also got a gun and holster set. To say they were excited is an understatement. They were pretending to be on the lookout for a bandit and were rootin tootin cowboys! We got the cute cowboy stuff at a store called Yippe Yi Yo, it was such a fun store. We went a little cowboy and Indian crazy while we were gone, just wait until Christmas!

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d_freestone said...

Baylor looked soooo tall in his cowboy outfit!! All three of the boys looked great! Cooper's lip seemed to have gone down, quite nicely, too! Glad you made it home safe and sound!