Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bug Fest

Baylor with his certificate.
The pond is always a favorite.
He had fun watching and finally wanted out!
By this time we were all hot and ready to cool off. Thankfully no one fell in the pond, success!
He tried a chocolate cricket but was not a fan.
I am so thankful for my boys:)
Daddy and Coop worked on their craft together.
All the tarantulas and scorpions were real. They had some huge ones.
They tried honey again at the beekeeper station and still didn't like it.
Taking a little walk.
Baylor liked this dog, I think it was way too big.
Checking out the hissing cockroaches.
Hanging in the shade.

After church we went to breakfast at Cafe 52 and then headed home to change. We went to the Bug Fest at Southeastway Park. We got there early and were able to start right away. The boys signed up and got a sheet to carry around to all the different stations. There were so many activities to do. Some of them were cricket spitting, butterfly house, beekeeper station, tarantulas, spiders, mosquito exhibit, craft corner, water trailer, bug cafe, the pond, and much more. After completing the stations you took your card back and got a certificate that says you received your bug degree. The boys had a great time and enjoyed the park. It was hot by the time we left so we stopped at the orchard for a cool apple cider slush and a tasty caramel apple. It was a great snack before nap.

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