Friday, August 27, 2010

Teddy Bear Picnic

He was busy singing and doing the motions. He always wants to sit right up front by Miss Mary and Baylor always wants to sit right by me on the side.
He is getting so big. It was rainbow day at kindergarten so he wore his tie dye shirt.
Miss Mary is such a great teacher. She always has the best little poems and songs for the kids to learn.
His picnic basket.
They loved tossing the bears high in the air.
Headed out.
Teddy Bear Picnic oh what fun.
Lotso was happy to go.
He loves the animals in the barn.
Coop did really good holding the chicks today.

After kindergarten we headed to Conner Prairie for the Teddy Bear picnic. The boys were excited to take their stuffed animals to class. They both took Lotso and then a Build a Bear bear. Miss Mary had lots of fun things planned for the class. We sang songs, read books, and played games with the bears. The boys made a picnic basket and then they got snacks to put inside to take to the picnic. We headed outside to the shelter area and sat at the tables with the bears. It was a beautiful day and the boys had fun. Before we left we went to the barn to see the goats, sheep, cows, and chicks. We all love going to Conner Prairie and especially love it on beautiful days.

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