Monday, August 23, 2010


Baylor and Noah (Tony's son) on the bumper cars.

B-Man in the laser tunnel. The goal is to walk (crawl) through without breaking the laser beams - kinda like Mission Impossible. He thought it was great.

Worn out from Incredible Pizza!

Get a good look - this is MAYBE the 5th time he has fallen asleep in the car since he was 2!

Kat sent me this pic of Mr. Snuggle Bug when I was gone Saturday.

Cinnamon Rolls ROCK!

Coop with one of the barn cats where bubby takes riding lessons.

When you know its Daddy and the boys!

This weekend Mommy went to Sante Fe to see Uncle Joe Joe. The three boys that stayed home were sad to see her go - Daddy, B-man and Coop. Although, I must say that I have had a great time spending time with them. It was raining when we got up Saturday (After Jess left at 7AM) so I cancelled horseback riding and rescheduled for Sunday. I texted Tony and we met up with him, Tanya (his girlfriend) and their collective kids at The Incredible Pizza Company. We had a great time, good lunch and played lots of games. Saturday night Kat came to watch the boys while I went to meet up with my high school buddies for Joe Jackson's bachelor party. Sunday we headed to the farm at Noon for horseback riding lessons (I took pics of B with the main camera, but these are only from my phone. We played all afternoon outside, napped and then played again before coming in for showers and to bed. A great weekend with my boys!

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