Monday, August 9, 2010

Swimming and Playing

He is so "sunny".
They used the hat to be dog catchers.
Having a cool treat.
Mama and Parker. He loves his sippy cup!
Baylor up front in the red helmet riding with Ty. He did great.
Ty is such a nice boy and kept saying your doing great.
Coop had the best time with Chad. Chad is going to be in sixth grade but was in my class as a first grader. He is one of my all time favorite students! He is such a sweet, caring, and smart young man.
Playing kick ball in our "brown" grass.
Ty and Baylor.
Ty is going to be in first grade but had Mrs. Rose last year and he told Baylor how much fun she is and how much he liked kindergarten. Just the kind of pep talk we needed!

We finally got Parker's six month pictures taken this morning on the fourth try. The weather has been so hot and then stormy one morning that we have had to reschedule. I took all three of the boys to her studio this morning and I think we got some great pictures. I can't wait to see them. Afterwards we went and picked up lunch and then headed to Mama's house to swim. We brought lunch for them and all ate outside. It was hot hot hot again today so it was perfect for the pool. We all had fun playing and splashing in the water. Parker loved watching his brothers and loves to kick and splash. He watches their every move, I'm sure making mental notes on he is going to be a part of the action in the near future. They were pretending to be dogs and dog catchers at the pool and had the best time. Baylor has a great imagination and that rubs off on Cooper who is becoming great at imaginative play too. After a fun day of swimming we came home for a much needed nap. Parker and Cooper were asleep on the short five minute drive home. After dinner we all went outside to work on bike riding again. Chad and Ty were on a bike ride with their mom and stopped by to play. Chad was so nice to Cooper and play ball with him the whole time. Cooper had the best time. Ty rode bikes with Baylor and they took turns riding the scooter. They loved spending time outside. When it was time to come in they were all hot and sweaty and ready for a shower!

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