Sunday, August 22, 2010

Santa Fe Indian Market

We woke up early and arrived at the Indian Market around 8:45 am. This was the 89th annual Santa Fe Indian Market with over 1200 vendors representing different tribes. There were vendors set up for miles all around the town square and throughout the town. We wanted to get there early because they have a fashion show and contest showcasing Indian costumes from different tribes. It was so crowded when we got there that we could not see very well but were able to see them as they left the stage. The outfits were amazing and so detailed. Joe had a commitment in the morning but then we all met up. We ate lunch at the Blue Corn Cafe and it was tasty. We all found some neat things at the Indian Market and had so much fun looking at the items. Some of the jewelry was so intricate and so expensive. There was one coral and silver belt that had sold for $40,000 and the same person bought two matching coral bracelets for $8,000 and $9,000. When we first got there I was a little naive on the cost of some of the turquoise and silver jewelry and picked up a cute cuff bracelet that was $750, needless to say I was shocked. I did find a cute bracelet, necklace, and pair of earrings in a store that was much more reasonable, maybe not as detailed but much more budget friendly. We also toured a church on the square where a scene from the movie Rent was filmed. Downtown Santa Fe has so much history and so many neat building and shops. We stayed at the market all day and got back to the hotel around 5:30. We ate dinner at Applebee's right by our hotel before Mimi and Pop left for Uncle Joe's show that night. Children under 5 were not allowed in the opera house so I was not able to go listen to Joe. I know he did a great job and am so proud of him! He was in Moby Dick for his opera scene and did a fantastic job. He has had an amazing time this summer with such fantastic opportunities.

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