Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fast as Cheetahs?

The cheetahs are really beautiful and so graceful.
The track is neat and you can race against a cheetah's time. We may be fast but the cheetah's time smoked the boys:)
Daddy even tried.
Once again he was angel baby!
He loves playing in water.
The zoo has a really nice splash park.
The monkeys were really active which made Coop super happy.
Eli helped me push Parker for a bit, he is so sweet.
So cute.
We loved the giraffes too.
We ran into Miss Becky and Hudson by the zebras. Parker and Hudson are future nursery/Sunday school pals. Hudson was relaxing in his stroller.
The ducks were a big hit.
I missed Nicole, I was really outnumbered by boys.
Parker loved watching the penguins.
The penguins are always one of Baylor's favorites too.
We have been anxious to see the new cheetah exhibit at the Indianapolis Zoo. Last time we went it was just about ready to open and it looked great. We talked Daddy into going, he is not a fan of the zoo, and we all had a great day. Carl and Eli met up with us too since Nicole had to help with a wedding during the day. Baylor and Cooper were excited to have Eli with us! We went through the water exhibit first and then had lunch. I think the boys enjoyed the ducks in the water way more than their lunch:) After lunch we headed to the plains area and had fun looking around. Cooper wanted to spend all day at the monkeys, his personal favorite. The cheetahs were really neat and the exhibit is awesome. The boys loved being able to race on the track and did it several times. Before leaving we went to the splash park to cool off and then got a lemon ice for the ride home. We all had fun at the zoo!

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