Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Indiana State Fair

Ready for fun at the fair! Mimi went with us too.
Ethan loved the animals.
He loves horses.
Happy boy!
Coop rode Hank.
Starbuck was there and Baylor got to ride him.
Planting in fun on the farm.
Great job Ethan.

He loved the snow cone.

They loved looking at all the tractors.
He loves John Deere.
He was so brave feeding the goats. They had a really nice hand washing station too:)
He was worn out.
A pig ear was a smaller elephant ear. Yum.

They had so much fun!
He was a winner!
Ethan loved the carousel.
They had so much fun.
My pals!

The weather was perfect for a fair day today and we were all excited to go! We picked Baylor up from school and met Jenny and Ethan at the fair. It was two dollar Tuesday which was great. We only had to pay 2 dollars to get in because we had one free ticket from the summer reading program and kids five and under are free. Each food stand had a two dollar special which was so fun. We had quite the fair smorgasbord from steak on a stick, fries, corn dogs, kettle corn, almonds, snow cones, cotton candy, and pig ears! It was so much fun and everything was two dollars. We went in all the animal barns and walked around the rows. The boys loved the horses! They were draft horses and were all getting ready for a show so there was lots going on. The boys loved riding the horses and the elephant. We also went in the Fun on the Farm area and they had so much fun. The John Deere tractors were a big hit and the store was great too. Mimi got all four boys two things each in the John Deere store. They were so excited! We also went in the FFA building and they loved the petting zoo and feeding the animals. Cooper loved feeding the goats. Before leaving we went on a few rides! It was a great day at the fair. We didn't get home until 5:45 pm and had a really great day!

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