Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Cooper On the Move

Cooper walking around the train table.
Cooper is quite mobile now. After rolling over since the spring he did the army crawl for a few weeks. He was able to get to where he needed to go, but it took him a little longer. In Florida he perfected his crawling and then started to stand. He is now pulling up to everything and walking around tables and the couch. He gets made if he can't get what he wants. Baylor is really enjoying being able to play with him. Last night the boys were playing together at the train table. It was so cute to see our boys enjoying each other.


Daddy and Baylor carve a pumpkin in fiesta.
Baylor and Daddy making a gingerbread house in fiesta.

Baylor making Christmas cookies in his fiesta.

I know that most kids have a favorite item that they like to sleep with or keep with them at night. For Baylor that would be his fiesta shirt. Baylor wears his fiesta and underwear for nap and bed so he has it on for a large part of everyday. He accumulated one shirt after VBS in 2006. Since then he obtained 3 more. However, some of the shirts now have holes and are nearing the end of their t-shirt life. Mimi is ordering him 12 more from the screen printers. He is so excited. There is no need to buy any pajamas for Baylor because he will only wear fiesta. Looking back at our pictures for the year, Baylor is wearing his fiesta for all the special family events. Here are some from the past year.

Carl Turns 30

Carl celebrated his 30th birthday on August 2. His party was lots of fun and a great time to see so many friends. Tom and Carl have been friends since they were 8 years old. I can only hope that Baylor and Cooper are able to have life long friends too. Old friends truly are special. Baylor was a little disgusted that he was not invited to the party. I explained that it was only for adults and he insisted that Carl would want him there. Baylor wondered if it was "NCole's" birthday too. Eventually he was okay with the situation when he knew he was able to go to Mimi's house.

Fishing Time

Baylor and Tom have enjoyed spending time together fishing at Pappaw's house. Although Baylor is all boy he still does not want to touch the bait or fish. He has decided that he only wants to catch bass and not the fish with the prickly backs. When Baylor was fishing this summer he caught a frog. He was so excited and wanted to keep it as a pet. Luckily we had to throw it back in the pond so he could live with his frog family.

Swing Set Fun

Baylor loves to spend time outside and the backyard provides lots of shade on hot summer days. Both boys have loved spending time on the swingset. The fort has been a pirate ship, a superhero hideout, Neverland, etc. Baylor's imagination is incredible and it is so fun to watch him in action. Cooper loves the swing and laughs when he goes a little higher. He is entertained by watching Baylor perform his tricks. I know he is learning from Baylor all the time. I am sure they will have many great times on the swingset in the near future.

Pool Days

Daddy and his boys in the pool.

Cooper is floating in his crab boat.

We spent several days at the pool this summer. Both boys love the water. Cooper kicks and splashes while in the pool. I think he may be fearless too. Oh no for me. He will dunk his head if you don't watch him carefully. Baylor loves to make Cooper laugh in the pool. Cooper thinks everything Baylor does is quite funny. Baylor loves to swim at Mama and Papa's house. He loves them so!

Swim Lessons

Baylor loves swimming and is quite the daredevil so we thought lessons were in his future. Sarah from church came to Mama's pool and taught Baylor and 3 of his friends from church. It was quite comical for the first few days. The kids did not want to get their faces wet or dunk into the water. Baylor was nervous for the first few days and Mimi even got in the water with her clothes on to help him out. By the end of the class Baylor was able to swim down to the bottom to pick up a fish. In Florida Baylor was swimming all of the pool without his vest. He did a great job.

Preschool Promotion

I can hardly believe that Baylor has already finished his first year of preschool. He has loved going and was in love with his teacher. I am so glad that his first school experience was so positive. Baylor was once again quite the entertainer at his program. He sang loudly and with such expression. He was so proud of himself. Let's recap some quotes from school this year.
" Do I have to go by myself?"
" How long is school?"
"___ was in time out all day."
"I never get in trouble at school."
"I think I had to sit in time out." (The funny part was that he never did, but he must have felt guilty."
"Mom I love my teacher!"

Fair Time

The big boys riding the rollercoaster.
Cooper and Gigi watching from their strollers while the big kids ride.

We went to the Marion County fair with Addy and Gigi. Baylor was so excited to have a buddy to ride with on all the rides. The boys had such a great time together. It was cute to see them enjoying a nice night. Cooper and Gigi spent the night watching, but watch out next year they will want to participate. I am so glad that Baylor has such a nice friend that he can grow up with.

Our little ring bearer

Our family at the wedding.
Katie and Adam were married on June 14, 2008. It was a beautiful wedding and so much fun. Baylor was asked to be the ring bearer and we were a little worried if he would actually make it down the aisle. From the very beginning his response was, " I don't want to have to walk the plank". After we went over and over that the aisle was not the plank he decided he could do it. Baylor did a great job and made it without a hitch. The wedding was wonderful and such an awesome day. Cooper did not make it to the reception, but loved his time at the wedding. At the reception Baylor was quite the dancing king. By the end of the night all the pieces of his tux we off except for his pants and shirt. His hair was soaked with sweat and his cheeks were bright red. It was a great day. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. McDaniel.

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Baylor is going to be our little athlete. He is always trying to jump, run, or roll around. His new favorite thing is to be a super hero and jump to new heights. We wear our super hero cape whenever we can. Well our care group went to an Indians game and Baylor wanted to play in the game. We went over it before we left that we were just going to watch but he was persistent. He kept asking let's see if I can play. When we got to the game he asked the ticket taker if he could play, but he did not like the answer. Who knows maybe Baylor will play baseball one day. Cooper enjoyed crawling around on the blankets and trying to get Maddy and Andrew's shoes. Maddy and Baylor played with a ball and bat behind the grass. We only lost the ball 3 times.

Summer Vacation

"When I look at the sea, I imagine all I can be"
This summer has been so much fun. Baylor and Cooper had a great time at the beach. Baylor is such a beach baby. He loves being in the water and his daredevil attitude helps him try new things. We spent three weeks on Siesta Key. We could get used to spending each day at the beach. Cooper would fall asleep at the beach in the beach stroller each morning and then we would all swim at the pool in the afternoon. We built lots of sandcastles, but at age 3 Baylor loves to destroy the masterpieces right away.
After three weeks Daddy flew down and we went on a Disney cruise and to Disney World. The cruise was awesome and perfect for Baylor. He loves characters and was able to see them lots. It was so fun to watch him experience everything. He had a blast. Cooper liked to play in the Mickey sprinkler pool and watch Baylor go down the slide. Disney World was super hot but we had a great time. We stayed out until 1:15 and by the time we were down both boys were sound asleep in the van. We feel so blessed to have two little boys and be able to spend time together as a family.