Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Painting, Pigs, and Peter Cottontail

Getting to work on his egg.
Checking out the work of Jackson Pollack.
Coloring an Easter egg.
Trying to splatter the paint on the colorful egg.
The budding artists at snack time.

So happy to visit the pigs.

His piggies are by far my favorite part of the pig trip.

The life of a pig.

He sat on his lap a few times.
Just close enough to reach the sucker.
I think I will sit right here to enjoy my treat.

Today at art class Miss Anna introduced a new artist, Jackson Pollack. The kids talked about action words and the types of techniques he used for his work. They looked at paintings of his and then got to work. It was a messy art day right up Baylor's alley. They made paper mache eggs that turned out great. They first glued colored tissue paper, then splatter painted, and added glitter. They are so beautiful. They had lots of fun. After art we went shopping with Mimi and stopped at the pig farm by our house on the way. Ever since Baylor was little he has loved looking at the pigs. It was finally warm enough to pull in the drive and open the doors and let both boys talk to the pigs. It is quite stinky but they both love it when we visit. The pigs come right to the fence and we sing and talk to them. Too funny! The farmer was out feeding the pigs and we told him we were just visiting, he said to come any time. At the mall we stopped to see Peter Cottontail. Baylor and Mimi sang the song for him and we talked to him for a long time. We were his only visitors so he was able to give us lots of attention. Cooper did not want to get too close but did want to make sure he got suckers from the basket. He was very happy with the treats from the bunny.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Flushed Away

This net works great.
Right after the drop.
Goodbye little fish, may you find your friends!

After three weeks of being fed intermittently by Tom while we were on vacation Baylor's three little fish from the school carnival were doing swimmingly well. That is until yesterday they were all alive and thriving. When we got home last night and looked in the mini tank we noticed the littlest one was floating so peacefully on the top. He had already lost his tail to one of his fellow mates. Let's just say Baylor didn't take the whole thing too well. If he wouldn't have been right there I may have tried to cover the whole incident but it was too hard. After a while he came to terms with the death of his fish and wanted to be the one to get it out with the net and flush him. He was excited about dropping him in and watching him gone down the chute. I think Baylor thinks he comes back to life because he said now he can swim with his friends like Nemo. The mind of a child.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gearing Up

Modeling his new shirt.
Baylor picked #1. (Don't you love the color, a funny story matches the color of the shirt).

Working on kicking.

Teammates and friends!
Having fun together.

Tonight at Bible Study Baylor got his soccer t-shirt and couldn't wait to come home and put it on. While the color is awful he loves the cougar-tiger on the front and thinks it makes him kick better. He practiced kicking at home with Daddy and was very serious about his "exercise". He is so excited and can't wait for a game. I don't really think he know what to expect but I am glad he is looking forward to his first sports experience. Both boys were really happy to see all the kids tonight at bible study and had fun playing. They missed their friends.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

To The Rescue

I love this picture of Baylor modeling his mask and fins for the pool. Mimi gave this to him as a prize and he was so excited. He wanted to try it out inside before using it in the pool. He loves swimming.

All Together

The boys are really happy to be home with their toys and most importantly their dad. Baylor was excited that we were going to be all together all day today. We went to "House of Pinocchio" as Baylor calls House of Tokyo for lunch and saw Daddy's new work. We also ran errands and had time to play outside before eating a healthy Frosty Boy dinner. It was a great day, if only the temperature was a little warmer. We are loving how green everything is outside and our tree in the front yard is blooming along with flowers. We love you spring!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Home Again Home Again Jiggety Jig

Cooper was a big help when it was time to pack!!!

Baylor made Daddy some notes and couldn't wait to give them to him when we got home.
We missed you Daddy!

We are home! After a short delay of an hour at the airport we were off on our on way home. The boys were busy on the plane and Baylor's ears were really bothering him for the last thirty minutes. I really felt bad for him, he was crying and kept saying how much it hurt. Luckily when we were on the ground they started to feel better for him. Both boys were excited to see daddy and Baylor is cuddled up next to Tom watching a movie right now. Cooper was busy looking all around the house when he got home. I think he was trying to remember where everything was in the house. While we love the beach house we always love to come to home sweet home. ( I do wish it was warmer here and the beach was closer, oh well one can dream.)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Last Full Day

Thanks for playing with us Uncle Joe. We love you!!!!

Megan and Baylor writing notes in the sand.
Playing with all the kids.
Cooper was not sure about the sea foam.
A digging machine.

Oh how the time has flown by. Today was our last full day at the beach and we are all so sad. Baylor doesn't want to leave the beach and is sad to leave the beach house. He is excited to see his Daddy and keeps asking if he will swing him when we get home. He is not going to be happy with the change in weather. We all love the warmer weather. The waves at the beach were crazy today and the tide was so far in on the beach. There was lots of foam that the kids were using for cooking. We really enjoyed every minute on our last full day.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Greatest Little Show

He was excited for the circus.

Waiting for the show to start.
Snow cones are delicious.
Megan and Joe enjoyed the circus too.
Baylor got a new circus shirt and put it on during the show. He was happy that he was able to sit by Megan.

Each spring break we hope we are here during the Sarasota Sailor Circus. It is a circus put on by high school students in the area high schools. The students do this as an extra curricular activity and start as early as elementary school. It is really a great circus performance and the kids do an awesome job. Sarasota has a history of circus performing and this was the 60th anniversary. The boys both did a great job watching and enjoyed all the great circus snacks. Cooper had a hot dog, snow cone, popcorn, cotton candy, and sprite. He was in heaven. We all had a great time.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day and Night

Cooper loved eating outside and looking at all the people walk by.
Waiting for our table.

So in love!

The boys use the popsicle sticks for knives in the kitchen.

He was looking for dolphins. They were swimming out front this morning when Coop and I went on a walk.

Swimming in the tube.
Cooper had fun throwing in the ring and sticks.

The sun was back out today and it was a gorgeous beach day. It was very crowded on the beach today and was a great day for people watching. Some people are amazing. I went on two long walks today first with Coop and then with Baylor. It was nice to spend time with them one on one. We worked in the kitchen again today and were making some tasty treats. The pool was fun today and the kids loved playing with the other children. Baylor had fun using a tube. Uncle Joe is so much fun in the water and Baylor loves him so much. Megan came this afternoon and we were so excited to see her again. Tonight we went back to the new pizza place on St. Armands and walked around the stores one more time. My favorite shoe store is there and they have so many cute sandals. It was a great night.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Elvis and GWhiz

The famous Waffle Stop where Elvis ate before a concert.

Mimi loves Elvis.
We were excited before going in the museum.

A cute sight on our walk around the bay. Notice the mystery hands holding Coop.

I do love this little man.

Trying to figure out how to play the laser harp.
A fun mindball game.

Baylor did like racing and getting timed.

This morning Cooper and I woke up around 9:00 and everyone else was still asleep so we headed to the beach for a walk and to set up our spot for the day. The sun was out and it was breezy but looked like it would turn into a great beach day. Within an hour it started to cloud up and then rain so we needed a plan for the day. Mimi has always wanted to go to the Waffle Stop downtown where Elvis ate. It is a little quaint diner filled with Elvis memorabilia. It was so cute and the food was tasty. Joe said he felt like he was at Cafe 52. After eating we headed to G Whiz a science museum for kids. Let's just say there was not much for preschool age children and Baylor kept asking where the kids stuff was or when we were going to see the trains. I know he is spoiled by our great Children's Museum. The whole second floor is under construction so there really was not much to do, but we didn't know that until it was too late. I am glad we checked it out so we know for the next time it rains. We were able to walk around the bay then and it was so pretty. We enjoyed spending time together and doing something new.