Thursday, March 19, 2009


Cooper call popsicles, yum yums.

Testing out the water.

Buckets of fun.

It was a hot day at the beach today. Cooper and I woke up early again when it sounded like the lawn mower was going to come through the window. The yard people started at 8:00 and Cooper kept saying "Go Car" and pointing to the window. I could not get him back to sleep, and we did not want to wake Mimi and Baylor so we headed to the beach in our pajamas. We went on a long walk and played out when it was cool and calm. Oh how it changed by the time we went out for the day. It was a beautiful day but much warmer at the beach. We were hot and all got into the water to cool off. Cooper had fun playing in the water too. At the pool he fell asleep while eating lunch. Baylor had fun playing with other kids at the pool and did a great job sharing his toys. The pool was very busy this afternoon but the boys loved all the extra action.

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