Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Art Class

Baylor working on his Metisse sculpture.
The finished masterpieces.

Baylor and his finished project.

Baylor and Maddy working on their still life paintings.

Today was our first art class. Anna, my friend, is teaching the class for 4-7 year olds. I think everyone in the class is 4 or soon to be 4. Today the kids studies about Metisse. It was so much fun. They made a model magic sculpture and then did a still life painting of vegetables. When you look at Baylor's remember that it is vegetables. He is very proud. I love it too and think it will look great in a frame. We have been carrying our sculpture around all day so we keep losing pieces. He is going to paint it and color it with markers tomorrow. Baylor loves to do crafts so I think he will enjoy this class. We are so thankful for Anna and all her artistic talents.

Pretend Birthday

Cooper's first birthday gifts.
Baylor can't wait to open his presents.

Baylor and Cooper love Mama and Papa.

Baylor and his super hero cake.

Yesterday we had a little party for Baylor and Cooper with Mama and Papa. They leave for Florida for the month of October on Wednesday and they wanted to celebrate with the boys. Baylor called it his "pretend birthday". We had pizza and cake. Baylor loved his superhero cake and didn't want Cooper to open any presents. I am not sure he likes the idea of sharing the birthday spotlight. Baylor loved his presents. He got a Lightning McQueen sleeping bag, a DVD, and a Build a Bear gift card. The funniest present was a shoebox that happened to be his by mistake. It was actually for a church project but he thought it was a treasure box. He loved the little girl hair clips and the peppermints. It was so cute. Cooper got a new toy and some Robeez. He was excited to practice blowing out his candles and singing Happy Birthday. Baylor really loves Mama and Papa and is sad they are going to be gone for so long. We had a fun night.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Toad Trouble

We're going on a toad hunt.
Baylor with his toad. He is hiding in the corner.

Yesterday we were all working outside and playing together as a family. I was working around in the flower bed and found a little toad on one of our yard statues. Baylor wanted to keep it for a few days as a pet. Tom first put it in a big bucket and it hopped out under the van. The two boys, Baylor and Tom, worked on getting it out finally using a broom. Tom thought it may have been injured in the events, but he was still moving and hopping. Baylor made a little home for the toad with mulch, leaves, grass, water, and dirt in a plastic tub. He was so proud and even wanted to take it in for the night. Baylor wants a pet so badly. Luckily Mr. Toad stayed in the garage for the night because when we went to church this morning the toad was not in his habitat. Baylor was upset and he looked all over for his pet. We told him he must have hopped to the creek and we would find him again. Baylor looked for the toad in the garage again tonight but he could not find him. Who knows he may be living in one of our shoes!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Bucket List Revisited

Yesterday afternoon Tom called and said we were going on a date. He had already called a babysitter and said we would leave at 6:30. He asked me what movie I wanted to see and lucky for him the new Nicholas Sparks movie just came out today. I asked him if he had read my blog post from Friday and he did, but said he wanted to help make some of the dreams come true. One item on my list said I wanted to go on more dates. With two little boys we don't have as much time together and it is harder to go out alone. So here is the first of more dates to come. It is so nice to be able to talk in the car and enjoy each other. I feel so lucky to have Tom and he truly is my best friend.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Conner Prairie, Apples Apples

The tractor ride was wonderful on a perfect autumn day.
Today we had a prairie tykes class at Conner Prairie. We have really loved going to these classes over the past few months. Baylor has been able to do such neat stuff, gather eggs from the chicken coop, go on an ox cart ride, plant a garden, ride in a horse drawn wagon, etc. This week the class was on apples. First we went on a John Deere tractor ride in a two tier wagon. This was the highlight for Baylor. The tractor took us around the prairie and we looked for apple trees. In the classroom we dried apples, painted, read a story, and had an apple snack. Baylor really had a great time. While I went to class with Baylor, Mimi walked around the prairie with Cooper. He enjoyed the wonderful fall weather and ended up falling asleep in his stroller. It was a perfect autumn day. Baylor wanted to know if we could get an apple tree or orchard at our house. Sounds like a great idea. He would love to be a farm boy. It was a great day.

My Bucket List

For some time now I have been thinking of a list of things I would like to accomplish or do in my life. The list is ever changing and growing, but helps me keep focused and achieve different goals and dreams. I am kind of list person anyway so I thought this would be fun. I love the movie "The Bucket List" and have read a book at school about filling your bucket. I am going to keep track of my list and write down when goals were accomplished. I will also add new goals too.

1. Visit all 50 states.
2. Travel Abroad.
3. Go on a missions trip.
4. Get my PHD.
5. Teach a bible study.
6. Become a college professor.
7. Volunteer.
8. Be there for my boys throughout their lives.
9. Learn a new skill. Maybe sewing.
10. Cook more.
11. Go on more dates.
12. Be daring.
13. Participate in a mini-marathon.
14. Write a children's book.
15. Take dance lessons with Tom.

So this is the start of my list. I know some of these are life long goals but they are things I can start working on now.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Block Time Fun

Baylor's castle that he built with Mimi and Pop.
Aren't these brothers the cutest ever.

I just recently got out a big tub of blocks that Baylor had when he was a baby. I put them away when Cooper was first born because of the size of the pieces. When we got them back out Baylor was so excited. He has been building big towers and trying to get them taller than himself. Cooper however tries to knock them over as soon as he starts. Baylor spent the night with Mimi last night and built a castle. He had such a great time. Cooper and Baylor have really been having fun playing together. Hopefully this will be the trend in the future.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bath Buddies

Baylor was making a super hero cape out of his washcloth.

Cooper loves to chew on the bath toys.

Cooper thinks this new look is great.

Cooper is finally big enough to sit nicely in his bath seat and take a bath with his brother. Baylor has been waiting for this time and is so excited to be with his brother. Since we brought Cooper home from the hospital Baylor always wanted to help with bath time. Daddy would let Baylor wash Cooper's feet. He would stand on the stool and scrub those tiny toes so gently. Now just a few months later they are playing in the tub together. Cooper watches every move Baylor makes and thinks he is so funny in the water. I love bath time with the boys. It is nice that we are able to do things together more and more as Cooper grows.

60 Years

Mama and Papa having a great time at Katie's wedding.
On September 18, Mama and Papa celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. What an amazing milestone in their lives. I feel so fortunate to still have all of my grandparents and that my children are able to have them too. Mama and Papa have always been so special to me and I have so many happy memories with them over the years. Mama has always been so kind and caring and I loved going to her house. Every summer I would spend everyday with her at the pool. Even now we love to go and swim and just hang out at her house. She makes the most delicious lemonade and Baylor loves to eat her popsicles. Baylor calls Mama "good ole gal" and he loves it when she goes along on shopping adventures. When I was a little girl I loved to play beauty shop with Papa. I would alwasy brush his hair and put cream on his feet and hands. Those memories are still so fresh in my mind today. Papa enjoys spending time with the boys too. I can only hope that Tom and I are fortunate enough to have so many years together.

A Day At The Orchard

"Mom can we take all these pumpkins home"
Baylor and Cooper sitting in the apple orchard.

What a cute baby in the swing.

Baylor loves to jump off the hay pile.

After preschool we went to the orchard with Mimi. It was a beautiful fall day. We had the entire play area at the orchard to ourselves and Baylor had a great time. He loved jumping off the huge hay pile and hanging out in the corn houses. Cooper enjoyed swinging and watching his brother move from each area. The pumpkins at the orchard are enormous this year. Baylor picked out a huge one and we walked through the patch looking for a perfect one for when we come back with Daddy. We also walked down the rows of apple trees and Baylor was amazed by how many they have. Baylor said he would like to live on a farm like this one day, but only if Mommy, Daddy and Cooper could come too. How sweet. I always want to be with my little boys.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Love You

To my dearest Cooper:

Today I was holding you in my arms when you were sleeping and tears began to fill my eyes. I was reflecting on the past year and trying to remember sweet details of your first twelve months of life. From the moment I knew you were on the way I was totally in love with you. I felt so honored to be your mother and couldn't wait to meet your sweet face. We prayed for you and your health from the very beginning. Your daddy and I are so lucky to have you in our family. We love you so. I can't wait to watch you grow and change over the years. I know there are so many special times ahead for us as a family. I love you!!

Circus Date

I wonder who is hiding under these hats.
These hats came with the $12 cotton candy.

Baylor and his snow cone.

Baylor was so excited to go to the circus with Maddy. He really loves playing with her and a little girl behavior is good to have in the mix. They were so cute together. He wanted to hold her hand in the parking lot, but she said he was squeezing too hard. Baylor and Maddy really had a great time at the circus. Baylor said he wanted to be in the circus when he got bigger and wanted to know when we could get an elephant as a pet. Let's just say we are never going to be getting an elephant, but how to explain the reasons why to a three year old boy who would keep asking why over and over again. After cotton candy, snow cones, popcorn, and lots of stimulation the kiddos were ready to leave before the circus was over. We all had a great time!

Daddy's Girl

Tom washing his new car.
No we do not have a new child to announce, but a beautiful shiny new car. Since I was 14 years old and Tom was 16 years old he has been fascinated with Mustangs. Tom would always talk about getting one one day and that day happened. He had been looking for sometime and found the perfect car. He is in love. Baylor and Tom even woke up early one Saturday morning to wash her, I don't think the van has ever been washed at home. Tom even made room in the garage for the car. Baylor loves to ride in the Mustang, but thinks the back seat is pretty crowded.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Tooth Trouble

Can you tell what this means?
Poor Cooper has been getting all of his teeth at once. Since August 8th he has gotten 6 new teeth. On the whole he has been very happy during the whole process. However this weekend he ended up with a fever and has not been himself. Since he is such a happy baby we have really been able to notice a difference. Today he fussed most of the day and just wanted to be held. If I put him down he let me know he was not happy about the situation. Here is an example of how he communicates with me. The teeth are also posing a little problems with the whole nursing situation. He may not make it to 18 months like Baylor. Hopefully his eating will continue to get better as he works on moving his tongue and chewing his food. He is too cute.

Gymnastics Fun

Great job Baylor!
Baylor is doing the bear crawl on the bars.

Baylor loves the trampoline. Look at the air he got on this jump.

Baylor started gymnastics again two weeks ago. He loves to "play" at the gym. It is so fun to watch him and is a nice time for me to be alone with him. The teacher is great and the facility is awesome. Today he looked like a little monkey on the bars. I can't believe he is almost four. It seems like just yesterday that we took the mom and tot gymnastics class when he was 18 months old. He has been a daredevil since the very beginning.

Baylor's First Day of Preschool

Cooper and Mommy tell Baylor bye as he pulls away in the big red truck.
Don't you love the sign?

Baylor's ready for a great year of learning.

Baylor started his first day of preschool today. He was so excited to go and couldn't wait to see his teachers and friends. He was so excited to take his Handy Manny backpack. We took his picture again on the front porch before the big day. He wasn't happy that he had to wear a button shirt, but we were able to get over that quickly. Baylor was worried that he could not go to school if he did not know how to write his name. He does know how to spell it and when his birthday is so we are well on our way. I could definitely not home school him since he wants to argue with me on letters. It is so funny. My wish for him this year is to learn, have fun, and make new friends. Hopefully this will be another great school year for him. We love you Baylor!