Sunday, September 28, 2008

Toad Trouble

We're going on a toad hunt.
Baylor with his toad. He is hiding in the corner.

Yesterday we were all working outside and playing together as a family. I was working around in the flower bed and found a little toad on one of our yard statues. Baylor wanted to keep it for a few days as a pet. Tom first put it in a big bucket and it hopped out under the van. The two boys, Baylor and Tom, worked on getting it out finally using a broom. Tom thought it may have been injured in the events, but he was still moving and hopping. Baylor made a little home for the toad with mulch, leaves, grass, water, and dirt in a plastic tub. He was so proud and even wanted to take it in for the night. Baylor wants a pet so badly. Luckily Mr. Toad stayed in the garage for the night because when we went to church this morning the toad was not in his habitat. Baylor was upset and he looked all over for his pet. We told him he must have hopped to the creek and we would find him again. Baylor looked for the toad in the garage again tonight but he could not find him. Who knows he may be living in one of our shoes!

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