Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve

Happy New Year!
This was our second year to spend New Year's Eve at the Indiana State Museum. It's such a fun event and perfect for our kids. We ate dinner with Mimi and Pop at TGI Friday's before and then walked to the museum. When we arrived we all got party hats and blowers. We were ready to countdown to the new year.

The blowers were a big hit!

Love the little tilt on his hat.

I love spending New Year's Eve with my family. We had such a great year and I'm sure 2012 will bring a whole new set of adventures for our family.

We had fun with Mimi and Pop.

There is so much to do at the party. All of the exhibits are open and they have crafts, face painting, games and much more.

It's a fun night!

Coop had fun with Pop.

We went on one last train ride. Parker was sad that Santa wasn't there, he kept saying "No Ho Ho"?

They have loved the train.

Then it's time for the big balloon drop at 8:00. It's a perfect time and makes it feel like you rung in the new year, but it's early!

There is a live band so there is lots of dancing and singing.

All of the balloons!

Happy New Year!!!

We all got a balloon.

Welcome 2012!

InstaFriday on last day of 2011

Baylor was my big helper when it was time to take down Christmas decorations. He was wearing a tree skirt.
Parker has been busy feeding his babies.

Coop is determined to train Bax to jump in the tunnels. He had better luck with Parker listening.

Baylor had a play date at Grant's house and Andrea texted me this picture. They have fun together.


Daddy playing with Bax.

His favorite napping spot.

Baylor has been helping take Baxter out.

Coop wanted to try out the cage and wanted us to call him Scout.

Baylor loves his puppy.

Baylor got me these feet jammies for Christmas. They are Baylor University and they are toasty. He couldn't wait for me to try them on, such a good look!

Coop asleep on Christmas Eve.

He loves the baby Jesus ornament. I love hearing him say Jesus Joy.

Baylor at church on Christmas Eve.

They love playing trains.

life rearranged

Friday, December 30, 2011


Today we met our friends at the movie to see Chipwrecked. The boys were excited to see this movie. We missed Drew, he was sick and couldn't go.
Cooper and Grant.

Baylor and Maddy.

Jack was happy when the movie was over. He thought parts were scary and it didn't hold his attention. He is so funny.

They all have fun together.

After the movie we went to Taco Bell for lunch. They were quite busy at lunch and were so funny to listen too.

I took this picture to document them sitting nicely together for a long stretch of time playing new DS games. They were helping each other and were being nice!

Baxter's First Weeks of Life

Baxter was born on October 27. There were five pups in his litter. He is an Australian Labradoodle. He is on the right hand side, boy 3. We had talked to the breeder on the phone the night before he was born and she didn't think she would have puppies in time for Christmas. The next day I happened to look at her website again and saw there was a birth in progress. She ended up calling us that day to let us know she had a baby boy in her litter that was the color we wanted. We were excited and knew it was meant to be.
We adopted him from Noble Vestal in Noblesville and she did weekly photo shoots and an update each Sunday night. It was exciting to see his pictures, but so hard to keep the secret.
1 week old.

2 weeks old.

3 weeks old.

4 weeks old.

5 weeks old.

6 weeks old.

7 weeks old.

Baxter's dad is named Sir.

His mom is Rose.

All of the puppies went home for Christmas. They were all so cute.

It's fun to have these early pictures of Baxter!