Friday, December 23, 2011


We continued our holiday fun today. We picked Mimi up early and headed to the State Museum to get there when it opened. We went to see Santa right away and there was a very short line.

When we walked in Santa said I know you boys. He went over their lists again and confirmed to Baylor that he can't put a puppy on his sleigh because they jump out and can get hurt. Baylor said he wanted Legos and a new DS game if the puppy doesn't work out:).

Santa talked to them for a long time and said he would see them on Christmas Eve while they were asleep. He is so sweet!
Next we went for one last train ride before Christmas. We also did a little coloring.

There may have been a little arguing over who was going to sit where and by who, but it all worked out. Brothers can be hard to handle at time, even when it's so close to Christmas.

We saw the windows and Nutcrackers and they all took one more ride in the sleigh.

Mimi had not been to see Jingle Rails this year so we walked over to the Eiteljorg after leaving the State Museum. We all loved looking at the train exhibit once again.

The train really is amazing. Parker kept saying All Aboard and Choo Choo. We ate lunch there and then played for a little bit down in the basement. It was crowded which is different than usual. We came home and all took a nap or a rest.

Tonight Baylor and I went to Yuletide for the last show with Mimi and Pop. It was great! There was so much energy and excitement tonight.

Christmas is in the Air, it is here! I can't wait for Christmas morning, it's going to be so much fun.

I have loved this holiday season and have enjoyed all of the activities with my boys and seeing Christmas through their eyes.

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The Gambrel Family said...

It's so exciting! I hope you have a magical Christmas morning!!