Friday, December 16, 2011

Baylor's School Party

I was in charge of Baylor's Christmas party at school. We decided to have a Nutcracker themed party. His teacher read the story to them and had them watched the Ballet earlier in the week so they were all excited. I also sent in small wooden nutcrackers that they could paint during centers this week. At the party they decorated a Nutcracker ornament and made a sticker scene with nutcrackers.
The kids worked so hard on their ornaments and really enjoyed the craft. They loved the glitter glue.

Mrs. Smith said it was the quietest they had been all day long.

We had three different games for the kids to rotate through. The first was Nutcracker ring toss. This is always a favorite.

Then we had a mouse king game where they had to throw rubber mice into the king crowns.

The last game was a little relay where they had to hop on one foot and carry a walnut in a spoon across the rug and then crack the walnut with a real nutcracker and dump it in the bowl. They loved this game.

For snack the kids had red and green iced donuts and milk.

The kids all got their own nutcracker for a favor and they were excited. Another mom in the class owns a screen printing business and they gave the whole class the cute Santa shirts. They had a great party!

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