Thursday, December 15, 2011

Supper with Santa

Tonight we went to Supper with Santa at the Indiana State Museum with Mimi. The boys were excited for a fun night. This is such a great event and the museum does a fantastic job.
The tables are set up in the lobby area and a folk band plays Christmas music. The museum is so pretty at night.

Coop sat by his pal, Mimi.

Daddy had be out of town on business and met us at the museum for dinner and fun and they were so excited! Baylor is a big Daddy's boy.

The meal was delicious and the dessert was Gigi's Cupcakes. They were fantastic.

I love seeing Baylor have fun and enjoy being a kid! He may be getting older but I still like to see him act like a little boy.

In the craft room the kids made stockings.

They loved sewing them together.

They were supposed to write the best gift ever on a slip of paper and put it inside the stocking. I love what he wrote.

We got to ride the train several times too.

We went to the play " The Best Gift Ever" in the theatre. Parker didn't make it through the play so we went back to the train and he got to go on a train ride all by himself. Pretty special!

Another visit with Santa. Parker was saying HO HO HO.

Baylor told Santa all he wants is a puppy.

Parker told Santa he wants Elmo.

Cooper told Santa he wants a real baby. He said he wanted a girl baby and a boy baby. I can officially say that's a no go! Santa explained that he couldn't deliver babies and then Coop said he take a Mario Remote Control, sounds good to me.

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