Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas with Shadday's

Tonight we had Christmas with the Shadday side of the family at Mimi and Pop's house. After the museum today Baylor went home with Mimi and helped her get ready for the party. He also helped her bake the angel food cake and get the other desserts ready. He thought it was pretty special.
He was busy building too and couldn't wait to show Mommy and Daddy his tower.

We had Kopper Kettle for dinner which is one of Cooper's favorites and he ate great.

The man table.

After dinner we had presents and then played games.

Baylor made Grandpa an ornament and Cooper bought him a pair of thermal socks from Santa's secret shop.

The boys got some new Legos. They were so happy!

My cousin Leah and her boyfriend Andrew. We missed my cousin Anna, her husband Brandon and baby girl Ella. They moved to SC where he is an ER intern in the spring and were not home this year.

Nate is a Lego pro and he helped Baylor with his set. He got a dinosaur set that is really neat.

Matt helped Parker with his construction Duplo legos but he would knock them over as soon as he got it all built. That's how he likes to play.

The little boys went home with Daddy around 9:00 for bed. They were both really tired.

Baylor got to spend the night with Mimi and Pop and he was excited. We always end the night with a carol sing. It always makes me think of my Grandma and we always sing some of her favorite songs.

Joe got home at the end of the party and sang The Christmas Song for us. My Uncle Dave always plays the guitar when we sing. We always end the night with O Holy Night in German.

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