Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jolly Days

Baylor is out of school so we wanted to go to Jolly Days on our first free day. He was so excited to ride the slide. We got there right when it opened and it was already busy! We went on the slide four times in a row and Mimi would wait in line while the boys looked in exhibits and then we could get in line right before it was our turn. They all love the slide. It's fun to race!
We did a little ice fishing.

Caught some big ones!

Parker loved playing in the ice castle again.

Santa's reindeer needed some attention.

Baylor really wanted to wait in line to see Santa so I waited with him. The line was long but he didn't care. I'll wait as long as he wants too!

Parke and Baylor with Santa.

Cooper didn't want to see Santa which was probably a good thing because he may have been moved to the naughty list. It was not his best day ever, he was really whiny and crabby. I think all of the activities are catching up with him.

Santa was so sweet.

And of course he told Santa he wanted Elmo.

We ran into Uncle Mike and Ethan and Dave, Shanna, Eva, and Mia at the museum. Dave and his family are in town visiting from California for two weeks and it was great to see them.

Eva is five and is so cute.

Parker was so excited to see Ethan. They crawled under the ice castle together to check it all out. Parker kept trying to get Rudolph out of the case.

There was lots of holiday baking to do. This is always a favorite.

Dave and Mia.

Ethan and Parker worked together to fill the pans with food.

Parker had to walk very carefully so he didn't spill his brownies.

We ate lunch and then ended our day at the dinosaur exhibit. We had to get home to get ready for Christmas with the Shadday family.

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Emily said...

Oh my goodness, I completely forgot to take the kids to Jolly Days this year!! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun! :-)