Sunday, December 11, 2011

Yuletide with B and C

Sunday night we went to Yuletide with Mimi, Pop, and Grandpa. Baylor and Cooper both got to go and were so excited to see Uncle Joe. We waited for him after the show to talk to him.
Coop kept trying to wave to Uncle Joe and get his attention during the show.

Grandpa and Joe.

Mom and Dad with Joe.

It was fun to spend the night with our big boys.

They love Mimi and Pop!

We were so glad Grandpa was able to go with us. He loved the show.

I wasn't sure how he would do and he did pretty good. It was hard for him not to talk about what was happening and he really wanted to get Joe's attention. He switched between sitting on Mommy's lap and Mimi's lap.

Mimi and Cooper.


Baylor will get to go one more time when we got with our whole family.

They loved seeing the different holiday characters before the show.

The real reindeer were a big hit!

Love them!

What a fun night!

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