Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Daddy wanted to celebrate his birthday at home and his dinner choice was Hooters. Pop brought home carry out on his way home from work and it was so delicious!

Mimi snuggled with Baxter after dinner.

Daddy opened his presents and got his first dog card as a dog owner. He got some new Colts gear and gift cards.

Baylor really wanted Uncle Joe's help on his Mario game. He wanted to Joe help him pass a hard level. They were all cozy in the chair together.

Pop and Parker played together.

He modeled Daddy's new Colts hat and said "Go Colts".

Happy Birthday to you!

Here's to a great year for you! We love you Daddy!

Park loves his Rock n Roll Elmo. It's so cute to hear him sing "La La La La Elmo's World".

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