Saturday, December 31, 2011

InstaFriday on last day of 2011

Baylor was my big helper when it was time to take down Christmas decorations. He was wearing a tree skirt.
Parker has been busy feeding his babies.

Coop is determined to train Bax to jump in the tunnels. He had better luck with Parker listening.

Baylor had a play date at Grant's house and Andrea texted me this picture. They have fun together.


Daddy playing with Bax.

His favorite napping spot.

Baylor has been helping take Baxter out.

Coop wanted to try out the cage and wanted us to call him Scout.

Baylor loves his puppy.

Baylor got me these feet jammies for Christmas. They are Baylor University and they are toasty. He couldn't wait for me to try them on, such a good look!

Coop asleep on Christmas Eve.

He loves the baby Jesus ornament. I love hearing him say Jesus Joy.

Baylor at church on Christmas Eve.

They love playing trains.

life rearranged

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