Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning there was so much excitement in the air!

I set my alarm for 6:45 and Baylor was us by 7:00. Daddy got up early to make sure the puppy was all ready and things were quiet when the boys came downstairs. We had Christmas music playing loudly so the boys couldn't hear the barks coming from the laundry room.
The boys were so excited when they came downstairs and saw that Santa had come!

Coop was so excited to see the Mario Remote Control car he asked Santa for and that he had Reese Cups in his stocking. Look at that smile!

The boys got a Labradoodle stuffed animal with a leash and collar and a vet kit crate. We told them that Santa must have know we couldn't get a dog yet. Baylor was happy with his cuddly, but just wait.

A pop gun like Bubby's.

Parker kept saying "Open Open" over and over.

Daddy gave him a driving lesson.

A leapster of his own.

Bubby went Christmas shopping with Mimi and got his brothers a Build a Bear, they were so excited and Baylor was so sweet. He couldn't wait for us to open our gifts from him.

He got Daddy a new pancake spatula.

Parker was happy with his new Mickey toys.

Some new Beyblades.

Baylor wanted me to have my own feet jammies because I am always cold. With Daddy's help he bought me Baylor University feet pajamas. They are nice a toasty, look for a picture of me modeling them later. He wanted me to wear them Christmas night at home.

He loved his present pile!

A shark air swimmer. Baylor's number one item on his last was a dog, but his realistic choices were an air swimmer, legos, and a DS game.


After opening Daddy told the boys we had one more surprise. They were excited but had no idea what was to come.

Tom carried in a big wrapped box and told them to tear off the top.

A Puppy!

Their reaction was so sweet. Baylor kept saying "Are you serious" and "Do we get to keep it or are we just borrowing it". Cooper said, "We've always wanted a real dog". They were so sweet.

Meeting Baxter Scout Hurst.

They were in shock.

He was saying " I can't believe I have a dog"!

He's so soft!

He fell asleep right on my lap.

In love already.

After a fun Christmas morning we all packed up and went to Mimi's house with Baxter for Christmas with Mimi, Pop, and Uncle Joe.


Emily said...

I have been waiting to see your post about the puppy... I was so excited for the boys! :-) Merry Christmas, Hurst Family!!

Amy said...

Is Baxter a Goldendoodle? We have a Golden Retriever and he is the BEST dog ever! He is so good with the boys. Hope Baxter takes it easy on you and potty trains quickly! ;-)