Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Parker!

Parker you are 2!!!!
Today is your day, it's all about you!

This morning we all sang Happy Birthday to you and let you open a Sesame Street basket before breakfast. You ate with your new friends.

Then it was off to Chuckie Cheese for lunch.

There is one benefit to a late December birthday, Chuckie Cheese was not crowded at all!

We went with Mimi and Daddy and Pop met us for lunch.

We all love you!

You were singing here so your mouth is open in all of your pictures.

You were a present opening pro. You kept saying Elmo as you opened each present. Then you would want us to open the box right away. After you finished one you would say more right away. You have it down.

You got your own bouncy horse.

An Elmo guitar.

Happy Happy!

Chuckie came to wish you a happy birthday and you wanted to make sure he saw your guitar and microphone.

You were all smiles when we sang to you.

Make a wish!

I can't believe my baby is 2.

The cake was tasty.

We had time for more games and rides before we left. It was a great day celebrating you!

Parker at age 2 you are a ball of energy. You are busy busy and are always on the go. You love to go out and about and enjoy shopping, museums, and being around people. When we are at the grocery you talk to other people and I love when you say "great day" to people when I say Have a good day. You are very social and love to talk. You really only know one volume, LOUD. You sing, talk, play loudly most of the time. I love to hear you sing Jesus Joy, Jesus Loves Me, and Happy Birthday. You love to read books an like to sit on my lap. You are busy but love to be held and are still my cuddle bug. You still sleep with us, but we are going to work on that in the new year. You love to snuggle and be close. I love snuggling with you, I know the time is short! You are a big Mommy's boy and love to give hugs and kisses. It's cute to hear you say hug and kiss. You love Mickey, Dora, Elmo, Pooh and Curious George. You love to cook, play trains, cars, play with balls and build with blocks. You love baby dolls and stuffed animals and like to rock them and say shhh which is funny because you are loud. You are a great eater and like to eat all of the time. You are always in the pantry and can open the step stool and help yourself to about anything. You love milk and chocolate milk and say "chalk" for chocolate milk. You love apples, grapes, bananas, spaghetti, turkey, and chicken. You also love cookies, candy, and gum which you call "munk". You wake up asking for "Booper" and "Bubby". They are your best friends. You also love playing with Ethan, Eli, and Jack. You ask for them often. You love to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and can do the Hot Dog Dance. You love phones and know how to work my Iphone. When a phone rings you say Hello over and over again. You are talking up a storm and add new words daily. Your favorite word is "applesauce" and you say it lots. You are starting to string words together like "up the stairs", "me go", "me do it" , and more. You are very serious when you are telling me things and want to make sure we understand. You often repeat your self over and over for emphasis. You have started throwing fits when you don't get your way but we are working on that and we are also working on saying sorry. That's tough for you. You love to dance to music and have a cute little bounce. You hate to have a wet or dirty diaper and tell me when you need changed. I think you may be potty trained earlier than your brothers even ,but we shall see. Parker you bring us so much joy and we are so thankful for you. You were a surprise and what a great blessing you are! The Lord truly triple blessed our family by giving us three boys to love. We love you!!!
Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

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