Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Baxter's First Vet Visit

On Tuesday afternoon Daddy came home and we took Baxter to his first vet appointment. He was going to have a puppy check. We knew that we would be going to Dr. Canada as soon as we decided to get a dog.
Since Baxter hasn't had all of his vaccinations yet we had to hold him the whole time at the vet. He was nervous and was happy for us to hold him. I was actually pretty nervous too! I am not a big dog fan, size wise, and was a little scared of some of the dogs in the waiting room. It made me realize that I am not going to be taking him to the vet alone.

Baylor was excited that he got to go too. He was so funny in the waiting room when one of the dogs had an accident and the man just picked it up with his hands. We were all laughing, it was so gross!!!

Dr. Canada is so sweet and I have known him for years. Baxter weighed 8.5 pounds and has to go back in four weeks for the rest of his shots. He had a great check up and Dr. Canada thought he looked like a great puppy.

Bax was worn out and slept on Baylor's lap on the ride home.

On our way home we stopped at Mama and Papa's house to show them the dog. They thought he was pretty cute.

When we got home Daddy gave Baxter his first bath. He looked so tiny all wet.

He wasn't a huge fan but did great.

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Amy said...

We take Tuck to that same office! We see Dr. Crowe though. She goes to our church too. She is super sweet and excellent with Tucker if you ever have to get in and can't see your vet. She just had a baby boy, Charles, a couple of weeks after we had Cam. :-)