Wednesday, December 7, 2011

State Museum with Ethan

After preschool Mimi and I met Jen and Ethan at the State Museum. This is her last day for a visit with Santa before baby girl arrives. Jen works on Thursday and then baby girl will be here on Friday! How exciting!!!!
These two little ones have so much fun together. They are busy busy!

They loved looking at the dog. There is always lots to look at in the window display.

Checking out Santa from the window.

It was a great day for us to go, there was no one there. We rode the train 5 times and never waited in line. We also had really long train rides since no one was waiting for a turn. The boys all love the train.

Parker walked right in and sat on Santa's lap all by himself.

He told Santa he wanted Elmo again. He didn't even wait for Santa to ask him. He is loving saying HO HO HO. Last night in the middle of the night he sat up and said HO HO HO in his sleep. Tom and I were both laughing, he must have been dreaming of Santa.

Coop changed his list and added a guitar to the mix today. I think Santa is done with his toy making!

Ethank is still not a fan of Santa. We visited him three times today and he wouldn't get close. We decided to try sitting next to the big man in red and he did it! He was still a little unsure but I think this is such a cute picture of the big brother to be.

One more ride.

Oh the things you'll do for your kids. They said they needed a reindeer so Coop wanted me to the be reindeer. I had to pretend like I was flying and then we sang Rudolph. Thankfully no one was there but it was quite funny!

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