Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we had breakfast at home and finished a few last minute things. We got all ready for the big day tomorrow. We went to church at 3:00 and had a wonderful service. Uncle Joe sang O Holy Night and it was great. I always love to hear that song on Christmas Eve.
After church we went to Mimi's house for dinner and Christmas Eve fun.

When we got to Mimi's house we found that Santa had dropped off one delivery for all of the kids, oh the excitement!

Baylor helped Pop make Christmas punch.

Mimi always makes everything special and the food was all great.

Our family on Christmas Eve. Baylor had us each open one present in the morning and he got Daddy this new tie. He couldn't wait for Tom to wear it so Daddy made sure to wear it to church.

Parker loves Mimi's Santa village.

He was looking for Santa with Pop.

Mama and Cooper.

Poor Cooper was tired by this point because we missed nap to go to church. He was worn out.

Park and Uncle Joe.

Drake enjoyed playing with Baylor. Baylor wanted to sit right by him.

A present from Santa.

Coop got a Tonka truck and he was so excited.

Drake got a shape sorter tool set and he was cute playing with it.

Papa and Baylor.


Mama looked so pretty.

Baylor and Mama.

Before we left they had to leave Santa some goodies at Mimi's house too.

They left a reindeer salad, chocolate chip cookies, milk and Diet Pepsi.

Then it was time to head home and get to bed. We saw on the Santa Tracker that he was leaving Spain, and before long he would be coming our way.

We sprinkled the reindeer food on the lawn.

They had fun doing this!

We left Santa cookies, two oranges, an apple, celery, milk, and Diet Pepsi. Who knew Santa loves DP.

Then it was off to bed...

The little boys fell asleep quickly, but

it took Baylor over 2 hours to finally fall asleep. He was too excited to go to sleep. He finally was out a little after 11:00 pm. It made for a long night, but we were so excited too!!!!

Baxter got to our house around 11:00 and we couldn't wait to spill our secret to the boys.

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