Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas at Mama and Papa's house

After we left Mimi's house we all went to Mama and Papa's house for a late Christmas lunch and presents.
I had what the boys call "nice" clothes for them to wear but after getting the new Colts clothes at Mimi's house they begged to change. I was an easy sell.

David's family from Colorado came home this year so we had lots of little kids. Mia is almost two. Sarah and Drake. Drake likes to watch all of the big kids.

Our Christmas lunch is always my favorite, beef tenderloin and lots of delicious sides. Baylor loved it too! He always wants to sit by Sarah.

Coop and Eva.

I sat with the kids but wanted to take a picture of the group that was adults only.

Parker loves Mama's piano.

Andy and Drake.

While the adults passed out presents the kids played.

Coop had a hard time waiting for his turn to open presents, he just wanted to open them all.

It must be a boy thing because these two had their boxes unwrapped all the way before they even had one turn.

Baylor got more Legos and a Star Wars Guess Who game that he loved.

Sarah is so funny.

The boys made ornaments for everyone.

Aunt Von and Uncle Jeff.

Dave, Shanna, Eva, and Mia opening presents.

Mom helped Mama open her gifts.

Cooper bought presents for everyone in his Santa shop at preschool and he was so proud. He couldn't wait for Mama and Papa to open their gifts. He also got one for Sarah because he loves her so much, his words :).

Mama and Joe.

Sarah helped Baylor with his new Legos. He was hot and ended up wearing his white tshirt, it's a good look.

Daddy got to meet and hold Gabrielle for the first time. Parker loved seeing the baby.


Jen and Chris came later and we were so happy to see them. Ethan was busy opening his presents.

The three boy cousins with Papa.

Parker took a nap at Mama's and missed presents so he did them later. He was still tired, can you tell?

We all helped clean up and Parker helped Papa empty the dishwasher.

Newborn love.

We read that if you put your hand on your hip in a picture it makes you look 15 pounds lighter, we said instead we felt like cheerleaders again.

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