Sunday, December 18, 2011

InstaFriday Dec. 16 on Sunday:)

1. The very first picture I saw of sweet Gabrielle.

2. She is just precious.

3. The boys went to Home Depot with Daddy. Daddy had on a hat so they all needed one.

4. This little tree was at Marsh. I'm always sad for the trees that are left behind. I love the book Mr. Willowby's Christmas tree and it always makes me think of little trees. If you haven't added it to your Christmas book collection, it's a must!

5. All the Nutcrackers ready to go for Baylor's class.

6. Coop's snack of choice hot cocoa with mini marshmallows.

7. I was so happy when I found these at Kroger. They make me think of my Grandma. When I was little they lived by Lenders and we would always get these there. I got enough to use for Cooper's preschool snack and for us. They are just like I remember.

8. New puppets for The Gingerbread Man play by Baylor.

9. He loves to build big towers and then knock them over and say UH OH!

10. Coop yells to me "Mom I have a little spill". Baxter is going to love our house!

11. Playdoh is hard work.

14. They played in the laundry baskets for a long time.

13. Hallelujiah empty laundry baskets.

14. I love the Indiana State Museum at night.

15. I was so glad when all 650 donuts were sorted and delivered to all of the classes for the school party on Friday. I was so thankful for my friends who helped me!

16. I love Christmas cards!

17. After the Hurst Christmas he was beat!

18. He was also worn out after the reindeer party. All of the partying is tiring.

19. A cozy night by the fire when everyone is asleep and the house is quiet.

20. Parker was rocking his new Elmo and saying SHHHH!

21. I got to visit Gabrielle today. I love holding newborns and snuggling with them.

22. Ethan was busy playing trains.

23. Cupcake gone bad.

24. Moments when they love each other.

25. I love to hear Baylor read this pillow. He is going to be so excited!!! I can't wait!

26. Andrea sent me Christmas Jars to my Kindle today. I can't wait to read it.

27. She also left this Jar on my porch. How sweet!

28. Reindeer food bar in progress.

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