Sunday, July 31, 2011

Water Fun

On Sunday Tom and I had a day at Geist with the big boys. We went after church and spent all day having fun on the water.
We left our boat at Kelly's house so it was easy to be on the water right away. We ended up spending most of the day in their cove swimming and playing. Cooper had so much fun with Bailey. He hung out with her all day long!

He did get some Daddy time in too.

We had fun floating in our rafts and playing together.

Such a nice day.

Cooper with Katie and Bailey.

He loves being in the water.

We had so much fun together.

Daddy took the boys on a jet ski ride and then Cooper did some cleaning. He loved using Kelly's brush.

At the end of the day Bailey and Baylor went tubing together.

They laughed the whole time.

We stopped and picked up Jimmy John's to eat for dinner on the way home and then we ran out of gas really close to our house! Tom said we are on low fuel but I think we'll be fine and then the car just turned off. Thankfully we were almost on our street and could walk home.

Somehow I forgot Coop's shorts and he had to walk home in his underwear. We looked like quite a group walking home. It was a little comical!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Silly Safari's Back to School Party

We were so excited to attend the Miller's Silly Safari Back to School Party tonight. Baylor went right up to Ellie the dog as soon as we got there. He stayed and petted her until the show began. She is such a sweet dog.
Parker got in a little corn hole before the show started.

Sydney was brave and went up to pet the blue tongued skink.

The kids loved the animals show and all had the best time.

Baylor got to go up and pet the chicken.

Parker even sat and watched the show.

The little fox was so soft and Campbell was so brave to go up and pet it and he even put it on her head.

Whitney wore the snake.

Coop loved Ellie.

After the show the kids got to pet all of the animals. What fun. Afterwards we ate a yummy dinner and then the kids were off the play in the water.

The slip n slide was a big hit.

Eli and Coop played in the little pool.

Baylor had a great time with Gavin.

Coop had fun with Mia!

They went on the water slide lots of time together.

Eli and Parker peeking in the window.

Baylor and Sydney racing down the water slide.

Parker and Lynley sat by each other for a little Flavor Ice break.

Lemonade Stand

The boys have wanted to have a Lemonade Stand and Daddy surprised them and brought home the stand from the work party. They were so excited.
Daddy put it up at the end of the driveway and they were in business.

Baylor was in charge of filling the glasses with ice and lemonade and Cooper was in charge of collecting money.

Our first customer drove by while we were setting up and they were so pumped.

We were happy that neighbors stopped by too. All of the money collected went to the food pantry too!

Daddy helped the boys when they needed help.

Parker got to collect money too. He really just wanted to stand on the stool and bang on the cash register keys.

He was so happy.

Baylor did a great job filling the glasses.

We invited some special customers too.

Mimi, Mama, and Pop came for some yummy lemonade.

The boys were so happy when Sarah came. They love her!

Aunt Von came too! We loved having special customers.

We all had fun at the lemonade stand and the boys made $33.25. When we got too hot we packed up and went to lunch as a family and then came home to take naps before our next fun party of the day.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Tommy's Birthday Dinner

Tonight we met friends at Maggiano's for a suprise birthday dinner for Tommy. We had a great night and laughed lots!
The birthday boy was surprised!

Sarah and Tommy.

The girls.

The guys.