Saturday, July 2, 2011

Last Saturday, My Favorite Day!

We got up early and went to breakfast with Daddy. We went to the Broken Egg first but the wait was too long so we ended up at the Waffle Stop.
It was quite tasty.

Afterwards Daddy and the two big boys went to the barber to get quick hair cuts. We love the barber there and wanted to go before we left the beach.

We hurried home then to get to the beach for my favorite day, Saturday.

It was empty and such a beautiful beach day!

Our family of 5. We had a great time at the beach this year!

We tried to take this picture several times but two little cuties weren't wanting to participate.

We spent time on the boogie boards again today.

He's a beach boy at heart. He loves all things sand, water, and sun.

He was once again busy with his shovel.

Here is our set up today. Oh how this will change next week once the fourth of July crowd moves on in later today.

We ate lunch at the beach and the birds enjoyed the pieces of kettle corn.

It's always fun to chase the birds.


Love this:).

Park was happy with all the birds.

He finally has enough hair that it will blow in the breeze.

Headed in the water.

They love having Daddy to play with.

Loving on Daddy.

Daddy treated Mimi and Mommy to a night out on
Saturday night.
We ate dinner at the Columbia and walked around St.
Armands. We went in lots of stores and I found some cute dresses at Sahara. It was a great night!

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