Saturday, July 30, 2011

Silly Safari's Back to School Party

We were so excited to attend the Miller's Silly Safari Back to School Party tonight. Baylor went right up to Ellie the dog as soon as we got there. He stayed and petted her until the show began. She is such a sweet dog.
Parker got in a little corn hole before the show started.

Sydney was brave and went up to pet the blue tongued skink.

The kids loved the animals show and all had the best time.

Baylor got to go up and pet the chicken.

Parker even sat and watched the show.

The little fox was so soft and Campbell was so brave to go up and pet it and he even put it on her head.

Whitney wore the snake.

Coop loved Ellie.

After the show the kids got to pet all of the animals. What fun. Afterwards we ate a yummy dinner and then the kids were off the play in the water.

The slip n slide was a big hit.

Eli and Coop played in the little pool.

Baylor had a great time with Gavin.

Coop had fun with Mia!

They went on the water slide lots of time together.

Eli and Parker peeking in the window.

Baylor and Sydney racing down the water slide.

Parker and Lynley sat by each other for a little Flavor Ice break.

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