Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Conner Prairie Splash Park + 2 More Checks

We headed to Conner Prairie today to visit the new Civil War area. We got there when it opened to try to beat the heat. The boys were very interested in talking to the soldiers and hearing about the war.
We stopped in the field hospital.

Coop talked to this soldier for a long time and learned about how his gun works and how to load it. He was quite interested and wanted to make sure his horse was safe.

There were some fun computer games too.

Then we headed to the new Civil War play area. We went to the indoor area first. There was a great train table with lots of play mobile toys with the Union and Confederate soldiers. The boys loved it all.

There is also a big climbing fort area with a bridge. It was really neat.

The train table is huge and has places where they can crawl inside to stand in the middle.

Ethan and Parke had a great time together.

There are also North and South soldier outfits to try on.

Parker was happy.

Coop thought it was funny that he was the bad guy.

Next we headed outside. It is really a cute area. We had wanted to go to the splash pad but part of it was not working today. The actual splash park part of the outdoor area was hit by lightning in the storm on Sunday and is not working yet. There is a huge water table that was working though so we made the best of it and the boys all had fun. We didn't need to wear our suits though, oh well.

There's a really cute store area outside too.

Ethan liked playing in the water too. It was a good height for the little guys.

It wasn't very crowded which was nice.

Parker was quite busy.

The water table is connected to a big steam boat that the kids can drive and climb up in and go to the top.

Little shoppers.

During nap time today Baylor stayed with Mimi and made the watermelon cake. It was even pink inside with chocolate chips for the seeds. After dinner tonight they iced the cake and we had it for dessert.

It turned out great and we were able to check off another item on our summer list.

After dinner Pop and I took the boys on a golf cart ride and to the park to play. They had a ball.

It wasn't quite as hot and there was a little breeze.

They were all sweating though from all the fun they were having.

It was nice to let them burn some energy.

Parker had a great time at the park with Pop.

I love summer nights, and school starts two weeks from today:(.

After the park we went back to Mimi's house to catch lightning bugs. We had a great time and caught lots. We were able to check off another item. We got these bug catching kits at the Christmas Tree Shop for 1.99 and the boys couldn't wait to use them.

What fun.

Baylor ended up with ten and added grass in his bug container. He kept them inside while we ate dessert and then released them at home before we went in for the night.

Bug catching with Pop.

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