Monday, July 18, 2011

Sports of all Sorts

We signed up for tennis back at the end of the school year but with vacation and VBS this was the first week we could go. Baylor was excited to see Drew, Maddy, and Lilly. It was hot hot, but they had so much fun.
Thankfully Miss Sarah watched Parker and Cooper for me. Jack kept us entertained. He wanted to play tennis too.

They look so cute out there.

He was so hot after it was over, he dumped some water on his head. After tennis we ran to the grocery and to switch the sizes of the boy's soccer shoes.

Then I had to take Cooper to the doctor for a weight check and to discuss his tummy problems.

He had his blood drawn to test for allergies and other possible things. He was not happy but was so brave.

I'm praying we can find out what is wrong to help this sweet boy out! We love him so!

After a quick nap it was time to suit up for soccer camp. Cooper has been counting down the days until he could play real soccer.

Baylor was excited to go.

It was hot but they were ready.

Everyone got a soccer ball as soon as they got there with their name on it. He was so happy.

It was almost more than Parke could handle seeing all of the balls ready for him to play with.

The camp is called Challenger and it's a British soccer camp and I love to hear the coaches talk.

Baylor is in the age group 6-12 and is there from 5-8. I was worried about him since it was so hot but he took two Gatorade's and a huge water and had a blast. He said it was awesome.

Cooper is the tiny tot group with ages 3-4 and his camp is from 5-6. He did great but was worn out.

I would say the first night was a success.

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