Sunday, July 17, 2011

Backyard Bash

It's was Tom's teams Sunday to usher at church so Baylor helped out Daddy and Pop. He even had his own name tag.
We were all excited to be back at church after missing so many Sundays while on vacation.

After church we ran a few errands and then headed to Tom's company work party, known as the Backyard Bash. Thankfully this year it was at German Park instead of the parking lot and there was lots of shade. The park is huge and was a perfect location for the picnic.

It was so hot but the boys didn't seem to mind one bit. They had a blast.

There were bounce houses, bungee jumping, games, face painting, the smoke house, Colts wagon, and more.

They had fun on the playground.

Coop managed to fit in the baby swings.

Tom gave the welcome announcement and Baylor went on stage with him.

Jugs catered the event and there was a great turn out.

We sat with the Shadday's who came with Nate to the picnic.

Pop and Uncle Dave.

Tom was in the dunk tank again this year. The boys loved dunking their Daddy.

He said the water was cold.

Baylor with Jake and Noah.

They loved jumping.

Coop went really high.

Pals. Mimi and Parker hung out together while we went up the hill and into the smoke house. It was hot but the boys loved it.

I'm sure Sparky the fire dog was really hot.

The boys with the Super Bowl trophy.

They loved throwing the football.

The Colts player was huge.


He loved the teeter totters.

Happy to be swinging.

Thankfully Baylor's turn on the sticky wall was uneventful this year.

Last year he was bounced out of it by a bigger boy and landed head first on the black top. It was super scary!

He really wanted his face painted so we waited in the long line and he got the hulk painted.

During the raffled everyone had a little more to eat. He had some corn and a hot dog. Look at his shirt.

After eating he fell asleep. He was a total mess. I think if you looked up ragamuffin in the dictionary you would see his picture. His shirt was covered in dirt and his legs were completely covered in mud. His white shoes were black. It is amazing what Spray n Wash will do because it all came out and looked good as new.

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d_freestone said...

It looks like you all had a fabulous day!! It doesn't matter that Parker got dirty....he was having fun and wasn't that the main theme of the "bash"???? We miss you all down here!