Saturday, July 23, 2011

Boating on Brookville

Coop tried to wake board with Daddy's help but the board is still a little too big for him. He loves to ride on the surf board.

Baylor rode on the surf board today and got up on his knees.
He did great and was determined to do it after Cooper.

Parker made a little pillow with his towel and fell asleep.

Grant's cousin, Cora, went on the tube with Cooper.

They sat by each other in the boat and had the best time.

Baylor, Grant, and Cora.

We had a fun day together.

Parker had a little snack break while the kids were tubing.

When we got on the water we met up with Grant's family and a friend and tied up with them. All of the kids had the best time together.

He likes to pretend he's surfing.

Elena is such a sweetheart!

Grant's grandma got a new dog named Copper and Cooper was in love.

He was so excited to see Grant.

They love going boating.

The weather was perfect for boating.

Coop likes to snuggle with me on the boat:).

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