Monday, July 25, 2011

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Here's 9 0f the 11 kids that went to the Indians game. We thought since the game was on a Monday night it wouldn't be that crowded, we were wrong and it was packed. We waited in line for close to 30 minutes to buy our tickets. It was crazy, but once we got in the gates we were able to find a spot on the lawn big enough for all four families.

The kids had an absolute blast together.

I did manage to hold Miss Elena for a few minutes. Cooper wanted to sit by her the whole time. He is in love. He keeps telling us he wants a baby of his own and he only wants to get married so he can have a baby. He does want a girl baby though.

Drew and Coop.

Baylor and Grant.

This is basically where Coop hung out for the night. He even ate next to sweet Elena.

He did cheer on the Indians though.

Parker had a great time playing peek a boo with Grant.

He was all smiles.

Jack was all about the snacks. It was dollar menu night so we had lots of yummy snack bar treats.

What a fun summer night.

Sarah and Ella.

I'm so thankful for Jamie's friendship.

Baylor and Maddy.

They were having fun with the camera.

Sarah, Jamie, Andrea, and me. Drew wanted to be in the picture with us.

Austin, Tommy, Tom, and Dave.

Parker spotted the cotton candy, he was happy when he got some.

We ended the night playing some of the games. It was a great summer night at the ball park with great friends.

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