Sunday, July 3, 2011

Soaking up the Sun

After a great day outside we headed to the Village to eat at Gilligan's one more time. We wanted to take Daddy there since it is such a fun place. We sat outside at a great table right by the band.

We sat outside and listened to the Reggae band Road Block. The boys loved the music and it was a fun atmosphere.
Coop wanted to dance so his Mommy went with him. It was fun.

They pulled their chairs right up by the stage and drank lemonade and listened to the music.

I love the flag in this picture.

It was still pretty sunny. I never would've guessed that it would unleash and start to downpour as we were walking to the Beach Bazaar for one more time. The boys had wanted to fish with Daddy at sunset but the thunder and lightning and rain was too bad. We ended up going to the Orange Octopus one more time.

We spent all day at the beach! It was perfect.

We all knew our days were numbered so we wanted to soak up the sun and the beach for as long as we could.

We played with more girls.

It was such a clear and sunny day. The boys had fun doing tricks in the water with Daddy.

Underwater camera fun.

Go Coop!

Happy baby.

I love spending time with him at my favorite place in the world.

He has loved the water.

Parker played with Andrea and her little sister Amira for a long time.

Love his little tongue.

Having fun.

We sure did eat lots of sugar free popsicles at the beach this year.

I think dig and shovel are his new favorite words.

Ready for fun.

He had fun riding his boogie board today with Daddy.

It was a perfect day at the beach!

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