Friday, July 29, 2011


The Smurfs came out today and Mimi and I took the big boys to go see it. I loved the Smurfs when I was little and was excited to see the movie. Parker stayed with Miss Sarah and had a great time playing!
They loved the movie. The Smurfs were so cute in the movie. Coop was really sad when it was over. He wanted to watch it again.

I told him he was going to turn into a Smurf from drinking all of his blue Icee and he thought that was funny.

Baylor sat with Mimi.

Coop was a little scared of the bad guy but did great.

It's always fun when stuff that was popular when we were kids come out again. I remember having some of these little Smurf characters.

I remember these too and think I had the girl one. I remember watching the cartoon with Jen and eating salami sandwiches after swimming lessons at the YMCA is the summer.

I loved these puffy stickers too. I also loved the Smurf blue ice cream at King's Island. They still have it but don't call it Smurf ice cream anymore, maybe after this movie they will.

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