Thursday, July 14, 2011

Water Day

The boys having breakfast before Bible School. It was water day at VBS and they couldn't wait. They had sprinklers, games, water balloons, squirt guns, dunk tank, and more. After VBS I picked the boys up and we went to the library to log more books and get our next prizes. Afterwards we ate lunch at home and then headed outside for our own water day fun.
I bought two new sprinklers at Target this week on clearance and they had a great time. This was a Wacky Wiggler sprinkler that sprayed water everywhere and the little pieces would go back and forth. They used them as squirt guns, imagine that?

They all had fun.

They were entertained for a long time.

Parker didn't get that the pieces wiggled and they kept catching him off guard and he was not happy when it got him in the face. Just take a look at his expression.

Every time he got wet he would come show me where.

The water went really high.

This morning while the boys were at VBS Parker and I went to the grocery, did laundry and then filled water balloons. I knew it would be too hard to do it and watch everyone. I filled up lots and my finger was about to break off. Those puppies are hard to tie!!!!

Parker loved squeezing them and splashing water on himself. He would laugh every time.

The big boys had fun getting each other. We had to set a few ground rules about no hitting in the face and not too hard.

He was a little stunned the first time he broke one.

Watch out Cooper.

It was a fun day and the weather was so nice. It actually felt good to be outside.

Happy times making summer memories.

After the water balloons we had a Star Kist for a snack and then played on the newly painted swing set. It looks so good! It was chipping and had paint peeling off everywhere.

While we were all playing on the swing set Parker tripped in the mulch and got a huge bruise on his head. He never cried and we have no idea what he bumped it on. All of us were right there, it was so strange.

We ended our day trying out the second sprinkler.

Cooper enjoyed drinking the water.

Baylor decided to join in on the fun too.

We were able to check off two more things on our summer list. I know we will be in the sprinkler several more times this summer.

Although they would never admit it they were all ready for a nap when it was time to come in. They all had to take a shower to get all the mud and grass off and then headed to bed. It was a fun summer day.

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