Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bravo for Friends

She is such a doll! Baylor was sharing his dogs with her, too bad he doesn't want to share these "special" dogs with Cooper.
Mr. Blue Eyes loves to eat Bravo's bread.

Nicole was showing Baylor all the pictures of the baby. He was asking what was in each picture. They had so many and they were so clear. We can't wait to meet the little prince.
They were ready for ice cream.

Cooper kept hugging Gabrielle and she kept trying to give him a kiss. They both called each other baby, how cute.

We love eating at Bravo and spending time with friends. Tonight we were able to do both. Luckily we made reservations and were able to sit down right away. We went with the Schultz family and the Brown family. Both families are expecting new babies this summer. We are so excited for both of them. Carl and Nicole found out this week they are having a baby boy!!! We are so excited that our boys will be close in age to their little boy. How fun. Nicole and Carl are going to be awesome parents, both of are boys love them so. It was fun talking to everyone and the kids all had a great time. Baylor loved Gabrielle and wanted to sit and play next to her. We sat in the corner so the kids were able to get down and play when we were done eating. Gabrielle talks so much and is even already going on the potty. She is only one week older than Cooper. I told her to tell him all about the potty. Too funny! We feel so blessed to have great friends.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Thoughts

This little boy sure does love his daddy.
Coop was very happy with his milkshake and feeding it to himself.
"Mom why is the T.V. on the floor?" Baylor once again thought he hit the jackpot since he was watching SpongeBob. (We are not allowed to watch it at our house.)

The star patient before the dentist visit. He is using boxes from the grocery to make signs to hang up around the house.
In case you can't read Baylor this sign says that the washer is under construction. He hung it one the laundry room door. He used Hallmark card labels and sticker to hang it on the door.

What a busy day we had today. After preschool I had to take Baylor to the pediatric dentist for a consultation appointment about his small cavity. I was really dreading the appointment because Baylor was so apprehensive about going. He really did prove me wrong and did an awesome job, they were even able to fix the cavity while we were there without a single tear. The dentist was awesome and Baylor loved the experience. He came away with a bag of goodies, tie dye balloon, and a new book. The day that I feared turned out great.

Tonight we went to Red Robin. The Gambrel family loves it there and is always talking about how kid friendly it is with delicious food. We definitely agreed and both boys loved the milkshakes. Cooper kept saying "more", his new favorite word. We went to Dick's and Borders before heading home. I love a bookstore, I truly am a sucker for new books. I came away with three new books to take to the beach. I can't wait to go back to the outdoor shopping mall when the weather gets nicer. It was a great night.

I am also super excited about my new blog makeover. This has been in the works for awhile and is finally happening. I love it and am so excited about the change. The Design Girl is awesome and has done some really amazing blogs. Check out her work at her site. Too fun!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mops Play Date

Cooper loves Drew
Oh this is fun!

This slide is so fast.

Would you like a cracker?

How fun to play a game without any tokens.

This is just my size.

Cooper had fun playing with kids his size.

Snack time with friends.

Our Mops group met at Snapperz today for a play date. It was so nice to have so many moms and kids come and play together. All the kids had a great time. What a fun place. Baylor and Cooper enjoyed the bounce houses and slides. Cooper especially liked feeding Drew his goldfish crackers. What a fun place to spend a rainy day.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just Hatched

We can't wait to have flowers outside again.
Smells Good!

Oh to be outside, what joy.
What a cute chick!

This little chick wants to spread the word that spring is only 23 days away. Can you believe we are almost done with winter? This little chick can't wait to spread his wings outside and explore the backyard. We are so excited to play, run, climb, ride, swing, etc. outside. Spring we are cheering for you!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Encore Performance

Baylor loves Sarah so much!
I can't believe how old Sarah is getting. I am so proud of her.

Coop had fun playing the piano too.

Thanks for a yummy dinner Mimi!

Sarah came to Mimi's house tonight for dinner and an encore performance from her piano recital. She had a recital on Sunday and we were not able to go, but really wanted to hear her play. She did a great job and it was fun to hear her play at Mimi's house. Baylor loved having her come and they were able to play games and have fun. Great job Sarah, you are getting really good on the piano!

Andy Warhol

Baylor's finished work.
Looking Good!

Miss Anna is awesome!

Hard at work!
Before Baylor got loud.

Miss Anna introduced a new artist during art class today, Andy Warhol. Miss Anna showed the kids many examples of his work and talked about his use of loud colors. Let's just say the kids understood the concept of loud colors. Baylor is always loud so this was right up his alley. They made some awesome pictures of themselves today and used loud colored markers. I love how it turned out and want to frame it. They really did a great job!

Monday, February 23, 2009

We Love Them

They were celebrating their two year anniversary!
Joe visited Megan in Disney this weekend and they had such a great time. I feel so blessed to have Joe and Megan in our lives. They are so special and we love being around them. Check out Megan's blog for more pictures and nice images of warmer weather. Speaking of warmer weather, two weeks from today we will be on Siesta Key, hurray! I hear the waves calling my name.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Two Little Balls of Energy

I love these guys!
They really do love each other. Cooper loves to kiss and hug on Baylor. (He is also known to pinch and bite him at times too.)

Give me five!

A few weeks ago we had a photo session at our house with Gina Miller. I won a contest from her blog back in the fall and was so excited to have this session. I love Gina's pictures and they truly are my favorites of the boys. She is such an awesome photographer. We have been using her since Baylor turned one and learned about her from a friend from college. She just posted pictures of the boys on her blog,, and she title the post two little balls of energy. Truly that sums up my little guys just perfectly. We really are never bored or at a loss for excitement at our house. I am starting to see Cooper's personality more and he is also a little daredevil. Go to Gina's blog and check out my guys and her great work. Here are some pictures of the boys before church this morning. Baylor was super happy about wearing a sweater ( not really).

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Can I fix it, yes I can!

There's work to be done.

A true builder never leaves behind his tool belt.
Picking the perfect tool.

My brother is so nice to let me share his tools. ( If he only knew I was playing in this box while he was taking a nap.)

Ryan let Baylor try out his paint brushes.

We are officially at the end of our home improvement repair stint at our house. The painter finished painting today and it all looks great. Seriously this has been a long process with the washer going out the first week in January. While it took longer than expected we are so happy with the outcome. The boys have been busy honing their carpentry skills and they are not ready to be done with home repairs. Baylor has worn his tool belt all day and worked on everything from the bed to the fireplace. I am hoping that they learn to be quite handy so they can do work for me as they grow.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Camp Out

Two little monkeys jumping on the bed.
These boys love their daddy!

A little brotherly love to start the day!

For the past two nights we have had a camp out on the game room floor. Our master bedroom and bathroom are being painted and the smell is so strong that we decided not sleep in their for the night. Tom drug the king size mattress into the game room for us to sleep. The boys love having a huge trampoline to play with in the game room. It worked out perfectly for cartoons in the morning. They both snuggled in to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse before Baylor headed to preschool. Tomorrow it should smell better and we will once again have a bedroom.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Trip to the Dentist

Mr. Big Deal before getting his teeth checked out. When it was time he sat on my lap.
Dr. Michelle is so nice and really tries to make the kids feel less anxious.

Coop was not too sure about the situation.

Dr. Michelle agreed that he has a strong bite. Watch out!

Today the boys and I had dentist appointments with Dr. Michelle. Cooper had chipped his front tooth a few weeks ago and she was just going to check it out. Luckily he is fine and he won't go back until after he turns two. Baylor was so nervous about going today. He is always afraid it is going to hurt. The office is so nice and kid friendly. They really work with the kids to make them feel comfortable. He got to wear gloves and try out all the tools. He is really into tools right now so that appealed to him. He loved picking out his new toothbrush and all the goodies. He was so excited because he got Spongebob toothpaste and he is not allowed to watch this at home so he felt this a big deal. Unfortunately he has one small cavity on his bottom right tooth that we are going to have to have fixed. He is so worried. Dr. Michelle referred us to a pediatric dentist to fix the cavity because they sedate them and then he won't be as anxious to come back when he gets his teeth cleaned on a regular basis. I already told Tom that he has to take him to that appointment. He is so strong I am not sure I would be able to get him in the door. We are going to try and cut out some juice and stick to more water, let's just say he is not happy about this. He did want to brush his teeth as soon as we got home to make sure they were still clean.

To Bathe or Not To Bathe

Luckily Coop loves spaghetti since that is my main dinner speciality. Last night the boys and I ate alone and they both loved their dinner. Tom is not a huge fan of spaghetti but the boys are so it works out for me. Coop is really into feeding himself and he makes a huge mess. I am so thankful that he is able to eat other foods and is doing so well and not choking on everything he eats anymore. Let's just say that we headed straight to bath after cleaning up from dinner.