Thursday, February 12, 2009

King and Queen of Hearts

At first Baylor didn't want to be in the picture and then jumped in last minute. Look at that smirk.
What a scary dragon.

This chair is just my size and I love books too!

King Baylor
Mom this dragon is really big!

That was the name of our class today at the Children's Museum. Every time I hear the Queen of Hearts I automatically think of Alice in Wonderland and always say the Queen of Hearts who lives way up in the palace. This comes from an ABC book that has always been one of our favorite and really stays with you. Anyway the class was Valentine themed and had lots of great crafts. Baylor made a great crown and valentines for his loved ones. I actually think he said they were all for Mimi. We also had lots of fun playing in the Lego adventure area today. It wasn't crowded and we were able to spend lots of time in there. It is so cute. Baylor loved the costumes and Legos and Cooper loved all the little chairs to sit in. We love going to the museum and playing the day away.

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